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{Full Watch} Safet Gjici Original Video Reddit: Details On Tape Viral On Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube

Safet Gjici Original Video Reddit will talk about the Full Video with the Secretary on social media like Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Telegram.

Have you heard or seen Safet Gjici’s leaked content? Who is he, and why are people talking about Safet Gjici’s video? An unexpected video of the Albanian businessman has shocked the people of the United States. After its content, people are more interested in Safet Gjici Original Video Reddit. Let us learn more through this post.

What is in Safet Gjici Original Video Reddit?

A four-month-old viral video of the newly elected Mayor of Kukes Municipality is making the headlines on the internet these days. The content appeared on 16 June 2023 for the first time on social media, like Instagram.

As per sources, the viral video showed the mayor of Kukes Municipality, Albania, Safet Gjici, performing some explicit act with an unknown woman in the office. However, it is not known who recorded the video and shared it online.

Is Safet Gjici Full Video available?

Unfortunately, seeing the matter’s sensitivity and how it was shared publicly, the original video content was removed from the source. However, some of the websites claim to provide footage of this businessman. Also, some clipped part is still available on Tiktok short videos. 

But we suggest not clicking any links that claim to provide the trending content of Safet Gjici. It might be part of a scam video, or you may end up harming your device.

Who is Safet Gjici Secretary?

After the video became viral on social media, Safet Gjici and the lady in the video came into the spotlight. Everyone wanted to know about them. However, as per our research on this scandal video viral on Telegram, there is no confirmation that her to be his secretary.

What did Safet Gjici have to say about this whole news?

Gjici reacted to the viral social media video about him. He took his social media to talk about the Safet Gjici Secretary video and announce his resignation from the post. As per sources, he also mentioned it was a trap by his opposition because they lost the position.

However, he did not deny the relationship with the lady shown in the Safet Gjici Full Video. In a statement, he apologizes and says he is fully aware of the situation. He has no justification for what happened but said he betrayed the trust of thousands of people who believed in him to make Kuke a better city.

Safet Gjici Video Twitter– who is he?

Businessman Safet Gjici is the CEO of EuroGjici Security and Kevin Construction. Additionally, he oversees FK Kukesi, a football team in the Albanian Super League. Apart from this, during Albania’s municipal elections on 14 May, he was chosen as the mayor of Kukes. Unfortunately, due to YouTube and other social media viral clips, he had to step down.

What action did the government take against Gjici?

As per sources, the Albanian government chose to remove Gjici from his position, and the economy minister confirmed the decision.

After learning about the Instagram video, Minister Delina Ibrahimaj said that the Council of Ministers had resolved to promptly discharge the mayor of the Municipality of Kukes.

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Safet Gjici’s video immediately went viral on the internet and caused him to step down from his position. The unexpected content ignited the discussion on social media like Telegram. You can check the news about Safet Gjici video here.

What do you have to say about the viral video of Safet Gjici? Have you watched a TikTok clip of him? Do comment.

Disclaimer: The news about Safet Gjici is taken from the various social media posts that were viral. We are writing this only for the information purpose of the viral Youtube content.

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