Safemoon Classic Contract Address (June) How To Buy

Safemoon Classic Contract Address (June) How To Buy?

Safemoon Classic Contract Address (June) How To Buy? >> The guide shares details of the market value, price chart and other statistics of the crypto coin.

A new crypto coin is in the hype, and Worldwide investors are wondering whether to invest in the Safemoon Classic or not. There are many reasons behind the hype of this new crypto coin which will be discussed below. 

It is the new crypto coin that is launched with many interesting things. For example, 5% of the fee will automatically add to the LP, and it gets locked forever until you sell the coin.  

Now you can be the part of the awesome crypto coin by investing in it. Please continue reading to know the Safemoon Classic Contract Address.

What is Safemoon Classic Token?

Safemoon Classic Token is the BEP-20 type Crypto coin available for trade on the Binance Smart Chain exchange. The token had a safe launched as the reflect token with a total of 3782 holders globally. 

The coin has a good market cap and price trend on the Binance Smart Chain, and it focuses on getting listed on other major exchanges for smooth and easy trading. With a good market cap, the token enjoys a hike of 1.28% in the last 24 hrs.  

The Safemoon Classic Token focuses on adding 5% of the fee to the LP pool and locks it forever when selling. Besides, 5% is distributed to the holders. Since reflective mechanism adds incentive for Worldwide holders, investors now want to know the Safemoon Classic Contract Address to buy it and hold it longer for profits.   

Who Invented Safemoon Classic Token?

As per the Twitter profile of the token, a team of Crypto veterans backs the crypto token. However, the name of the owner or the founder of the token has not been disclosed by the coin holders.  

The crypto token has over 3782 holders across the globe, and the number is increasing daily. So, please continue reading for more details of the value statistics of the token.  

The Safemoon Classic Contract Address, Price and Market Cap

As per the reports, the live price or value of the token is $398.03, and it has recorded a higher trading volume. The token market cap is likely to increase by 1.28% in the last 24 hrs with no changing trends. 

The token ranking data in the crypto market is not available. But, the market cap value is increasing. The fully diluted market cap of the token is $56 610, with the increase of 1.28%. The contract address is – 0xf1720079f5611a589795c5c3ba114f112b53e17e.

Total Circulation Supply and Holders

Before learning about the Safemoon Classic Contract Address, let us check the total circulating supply of the token.   

Safemoon Classic Token has a circulating supply of over 1 000 000 000 000 000 SAFEMOON CLASSIC coins. The maximum supply data is not available. There are more than 3700 holders of the coin across the world. 

How to Buy Safemoon Classic Token?

  • Download the Trust Wallet 
  • Launch the wallet and search for SAFEMOON CLASSIC 
  • Tap on the Binance Smart Chain available on the wallet 
  • Click on “Buy” and use Binance Smart Chain to buy the token
  • Go back to the exchange and swap BSC for Safemoon Classic Token
  • Use the Safemoon Classic Contract Address 
  • Swap for the token and set a slippage of 12%, and you are done 


Q1. Who Backs Safemoon Classic Token?

A1. No data available about the founder.

Q2. What is the link to the Official Site?

A2. is the official link of the token

Q3. What is the Contract Address?

A3. Use 0xf1720079f5611a589795c5c3ba114f112b53e17e as contract address to buy it.


Safemoon Classic Token is available for trading on BSC exchanges and PanCakeSwap exchange. However, you have to keep checking the fluctuating price trend of the token before buying. In addition, you must also know the Safemoon Classic Contract Address for the successful purchase of the token. Please check here for the best apps to trade crypto-token.

What profit did you earn from the token, if you hold any? Please share in the comments box below. 

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