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Safegamecash Token (Nov 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares about the newly launched Crypto token called Safegamecash Token and its market statistics. 

With the mission to migrate the holders from the abandoned SafeMoon Cash Project, SafeGameCash has been launched. It is the innovative and leading BEP-20 Type coin available on the Binance Smart Chain. 

The token claims to have the long-term Tokenomics that is baked in, and it is inspired and driven by the wonderful community. The token is available for trading with the ticker symbol SGC. Worldwide investors are attracted to the token and want to know the live price before investing. 

If you are also interested in buying Safegamecash Token, keep reading to explore more details about the token. 

What is Safegamecash Coin?

Safegamecash is the BEP-20 Type token launched on the Binance Smart Chain and available for trading with the ticker symbol SGC. The token has three manual burn events, and the public/private presale will start with the max cap of 5000 BNB.  

The project aims to migrate the holders from the abandoned SafeMoon Cash Project by preventing the 1st day/launch day dump. Thus, it helps to dump the token within a specific time while ensuring the highest protection to the liquidity and holders. 

The Safegamecash Token is attracting Worldwide investors because it implements the Anti-Sniper and Anti-Whale strategy by restricting sales per transaction under 0.5% of the total supply.     

About the Founders

As per the official website, the token is backed by a team of experienced Crypto investors and analysts. The CEO of the project is Yeezy, and Chris serves as the CIO, while Kim works as CDO and Miss holds the position of CCO, and Fabio is the CTO of the project.

The team is active on social media and has over 11K holders globally. Plus, the token has registered a total transfer of 22K to date. 

Market Cap, Supply and Price of Safegamecash Token

As per the data found during research, the token has been priced at $0.0000000580532. The token has registered a decline in the price by 18.9% in the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, we have not found any data regarding its trading volume in the last 24 hours. 

The token’s market capitalization is $58 053 182, and it includes the locked tokens and excludes the burned tokens. However, there is no data available for the fully diluted market cap of Safegamecash Token.    

The total supply of SGC tokens is 1 000 000 000 000 000 SGC. However, there is no data on the maximum supply of the token.

How to Buy Safegamecash?

Safegamecash is available for presale, and it is available for trading on Binance Smart Chain:

  • Link your digital wallet to Binance Smart Chain
  • Fund your BSC account with BNB
  • Find the token using the contract address 0xed46d1756322bf01d39b5f9e62d209c5a0e16925
  • Check the live price of the token before investing
  • Enter the number of Safegamecash Token you want to buy with BNB
  • Swap the BNB for Safegamecash Coin
  • Hold your token in your account  


Q1. Which is the Official Site of Safegamecash?

A1. https://safegamecash.net/ is the official site where you can find details of Safegamecash.

Q2. What Contract Address to Use for Buying Safegamecash?

A2. Investors have to use 0xed46d1756322bf01d39b5f9e62d209c5a0e16925 as contract address to buy the token.

Q3. What is the Liquidity Pool of the Token?

A3. As per the major exchanges, the liquidity pool of the token is 0.02735699 BNB.


Holders of the SafeMoon Cash project can now migrate to the Safegamecash Token and participate in the token’s presale or trade it on BSC. Since its presale was announced, the token has been making news, and it has gathered the attention of many investors globally.

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Do you hold SGC Token? Then, please share your experiences in the comment section.

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