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Sadie Loza Reddit: Obituary, What Happened To Sadie Loza? How Did She Die? Also Check Her Age, And Family Details

This article delivers Sadie Loza Reddit shared information in detail. And also exposed her cause of death and more.

Who is Sadie Loza? Has she died at a young age? What is the cause of Sadie Raine Loza’s death? People from the United States and Canada have exposed their grief for Sadie Raine Loza’s death. Read Sadie Loza Reddit article to know Sadie Loza’s cause of death and obituary.


When did Sadie Loza die?

On 14th February 2023, Casey Loza, mother of Sadie Raine Loza, shared her daughter’s death on her Instagram account. She mentioned in that post as Sadie Raine Loza passed away. 

Sadie was a young girl. She was just 15 years old. She celebrated her birthday recently on 22nd January 2023. Sadie’s mother, Casey, announced that Sadie Loza had left the world and moved to heaven. But her remembrance would always be precious.

Sadie Loza Obituary

Casey Loza shared her daughter’s thoughts on social media. She always used to prompt the first law of thermodynamics. The law says that we cannot create or destroy energy, but it can be distorted into another form. She originates relief using the better word transformation rather than death. Casey trusts that Sadie Loza’s story will protect uncountable lives. Read more about her life and the cause of death.

Audrina Patridge’s emotion on Twitter

Audrina Patridge shared her emotional tribute for her niece Sadie Loza’s death. Audrina Patridge is  37 years old. She is a reality star. On Instagram, she shared her emotions on Tuesday to tribute to Sadie. Sadie Loza was her sister Casey Loza’s daughter. She mentioned the caption in her post. My heart hurts to write this.

She also continued the caption, my beautiful Family member, my niece is in heaven, and we know it is not bye forever, but now it is tough to say goodbye to her. 

What Happened To Sadie Loza?

Casey Loza has popularity on her social media platforms. She rarely posts photographs of her children. Just a week ago, on 5th February 2023, she shared her daughter Sadie Raine Loza’s video on Instagram with a cake. The video has taken during her birthday celebration.

But unfortunately, after a week of the celebration, the 15-year-old Sadie Raine Loza passed away. 

How Did Sadie Loza Die?

Casey Loza announced the teenager Sadie Loza’s unexpected death on Instagram. Her sudden loss has left everyone, including her parents, brother, and Audrina Patridge, in complete devastation. A further reason for the unexpected death information is yet to be known by Sadie Loza Car Accident or not.

Casey Loza and the kids

Casey Loza has two children with her partner. Casey’s life partner’s name is Kyle Loza. He is a famous motor cross rider. She has two children. One is Sadie, and the younger one is her 12-year-old boy, Sam.

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The young teenager Sadie Loza’s death is a painful and huge loss for her parents, relatives, and friends. Sadie Loza’s departed soul rests on the wings of eternity. Read more information by clicking this link.

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Details on Sadie Loza’s Age: FAQ

Q1. What is Sadie Loza’s age?


Q2. When Sadie Loza died?

14th February 2023

Q3. What is Casey Loza’s Son‘s name?

Sam Draven

Q4. How she died?


Q5. What is Casey Loza’s Husband‘s name?

Kyle Loza

Q6. Who is Audrina Patridge? 

Sadie’s Aunt.

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