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Sacred Heart Institute Scam: What Has Been Reported With This International Authority? Checkout Here!

This Sacred Heart Institute Scam expanded like a fire around the US. Check the post now to prevent yourself from this scam.

Are you an upcoming nursing aspirant? Will you favor the activity for pursuing this degree using a shortcut? If your answer is no or yes, you should know about the recent scam at Sacred Heart Institute. 

This Sacred Heart Institute Scam duped many aspirants in the United States aiming to acquire a nursing license. The aspirants willed to gain a degree through a shortcut that spoiled their future. Let us look into the scam details below.


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Get the knowledge on Scam.

Recently, the magnificent federal jury charged the defendants for selling around seven thousand six hundred scammed nursing diploma degrees to some nursing schools in Florida. 

This was put forward by the officials on Wednesday, 25th January 2023, in the conference with several news channels. Sacred Heart International Institute is one of the involved schools that provide transcript-licensed diploma degrees for nurses. 

This scam was developed illegally to get the diploma in nursing degree/ license and obtain genuine employment. Twenty-five people participated in this illegal scam for shortcut licenses and employment.

A consequence of the scam

Distribution of fraud certification among 7600 nurses who had acquired forged qualifications and credits with false nursing diplomas. This diploma in Sacred Heart Institute Scam qualifies those candidates who succeeded in appearing in the national board nursing exam. 

Though this precaution is taken, the proper training and knowledge are necessary from relevant schools. This certification has now raised doubt about every genuine nursing diploma holder.

Currently, twenty-five individuals have been caught and are under investigation. Prosecutors claim and ensure that each defendant involved in this scam will be in prison for at least twenty years.

About Sacred Heart International Institute

The Sacred Heart international institute is located in Florida and is accredited by CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education). It had got a license from the Florida Board of nursing. 

This institute offers a program designed for aspiring nurses that will ease their process for gaining opportunities as practical nurses in the market. The programs like Master’s degree in nursing, Doctorate for nursing practice, and baccalaureate degree programs.

Associated social links 


The institute is only accessible on its Facebook account. There is no thread on social platforms, like Twitter, Reddit, etc., regarding this Sacred Heart Institute Scam.


The sacred heart institute fraud was uncovered in the news conference by federal authority. After this massive revelation, the nurses who passed out of this institute are under the radar. 

What action should be taken against these illegal nurses? Say to us in the comments below.

Sacred Heart Institute Scam– FAQs

Q1. What was the scam about?

The scam is regarding the transcript of nursing diploma certificates.

Q2. What are the schools/institutes involved in this scam?

Apart from Sacred Heart Internationalthe schools involved in this scam are Palm Beach School of Nursing and Siena College.

Q3. What amount does the nursing student spend to get this illegal certification?

The students paid about 114$ million for these illegal certificates from 2016 to 2021.

Q4. How many students passed the licensing exam?

The fraud certificates were identified to be distributed among 7600 students. Out of which 2400 got passed for the licensing test.

Q5. What is the place involved in this scam? 

Mainly New York in, Florida, and a few states in the US are under this scam.

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