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{Updated} Saber Tooth Tiger Footage: Is The Extinction Real Footage Go Pro From Alaska? What Is Size?

Get the details on recent Saber Tooth Tiger Footage captured in Alaska and learn more about the SizeExtinction, and the Real Go Pro video.

Have you watched the recent Saber Tooth Tiger video? Are you curious to comprehend the details of the said video?

It is noticed that people belonging to the United States and Canada are quite eager to unfold the truth behind the Saber Tooth Tiger video. With time, read the article on Saber Tooth Tiger Footage to get the complete details of the video.

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What is the Saber Tooth Tiger video?

A recent video made people on the internet question does the Saber Tooth Tiger still exists. The viral Tiktok video shares details on a Saber Tooth Tiger incident. The shocking footage in the name of Saber Tooth Tiger Alaska is quite trending on some social media platforms. Well, the video starts with a story of a man who went to capture the footage of an extinct animal in Alaska. However, people need to learn the truth behind the circulating video.

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Sabertooth Tiger Real Footage Go Pro

A video is quite trending on TikTok and other social media sites as well in the name Saber Tooth Tiger. In the video, it is claimed that a man, in order to save his job, went to Alaska to capture an extinct animal. The incident started with a man named Jones Baker, who traced a Saber Tooth Tiger. As claimed in the video, the man never returned. However, a GoPro video was recovered from the area.

Saber Tooth Tiger Extinction  

Saber Tooth Tigers, also referred to as the SaberCats, and are known to be one of the iconic animals belonging to the ice age. Various sources claim that this animal was already extinct from 8000 to 10,000 years before. Therefore, this fact leads to the query of many internet users, is the viral Saber Tooth Tiger video real?

Several social media users shared the details of a Saber Tooth Tiger on various social media platforms.

What is Saber Tooth Tiger Size?

Saber Tooth Tiger is known as a unique species of extinct animals with a size of 1m in height and 5.5 feet in length. The weight of this species can range from 750 pounds, which is 340 kg. Also, as described in the Saber Tooth Tiger video, the size of the tiger is huge, and the footprints noticed by Jones were huge, too. People had many queries about the viral Saber Tooth Tiger Tiktok video. A Reddit User questioned what a Saber Tooth Tiger sounded like.

Facts on Saber Tooth Tiger Video

As described in the viral Saber Tooth Tiger Footage, a man named Jones went to Alaska to capture an extinct animal. He found a well-known scientist home in Alaska and crossed the fence out of curiosity. After walking, he notices the giant footprints of a cat, which lead him to a dense forest. 

There, he heard a roar behind his back and turned to see. A big Saber Tooth Tiger was in front of him. Jones Baker had no traces; however, a GoPro video was found later in the location.

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What did saber tooth tigers sound like?
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The shared Saber Tooth Tiger Footage on various social media sites created a huge buzz over the internet platforms. People are searching for the real Saber Tooth Tiger Go Pro footage.

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