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Russell Reynolds Scam: Check Information On Recruitment, Associates, And Reviews

We bring to you extensive consolidated details about recruitment fraud in this Recruitment by Associates Russell Reynolds Scam and Reviews.

Are you looking for a job in executive and non-executive level leadership advisory roles in the United Kingdom? Did you receive a message from Russell Reynolds Associates(RRA) about a job opening? Would you like to know if message is genuine? Let’s check all details on Russell Reynolds Scam.

Uncovering Russell Reynolds Scam:

The alert about Russell Reynolds Scam was featured on Reddit pages of @u/Ozyman42 a month ago. Thread was later shared on @r/whatsapp Reddit group around same time. @r/whatsapp had nine comments where Redditors suggested that recruiter may demand payment for training. One Reddit user mentioned name of Ryan Reynolds, who is associated with such types of WhatsApp scams.

The message was received on WhatsApp from a contact number +1(782)580-0693 at 14:45. Sender introduced herself as Alma and stated that she is a recruitment consultant from RRA.

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Analyzing Russell Reynolds Recruitment Scam:

  • WhatsApp message stated that company had received a job application from Reddit user – @u/Ozyman42 and Alma wanted to check if he was still interested in job profile.
  • This message was suspicious as contact number was traced to FibernetICS Corporation, located in Windsor, NS, Canada. But FibernetICS Corporation is not related to RRA. FibernetICS Corporation is a telecom company, supplying innovative products for over 20-years, whereas RRA is in recruitment business.
  • Secondly, Reddit user – @u/Ozyman42 was not from Canada or the USA. 

Plot of Russell Reynolds Associates Scam:

  • If Reddit user had uploaded his resume, then it would contain his email address for receiving information about job openings. But, Reddit user was not contacted over a voice call (or) an email, but on WhatsApp only.
  • A similar RRA recruitment scam featured in 2019, where recruiter offered pre-booked flight tickets and requested a credit card number for hotel check-in. Fake recruiter required personal information and bank details for background checks. Hence, scammers are plotting RRA recruitment scams from time to time.

WhatsApp Message Russell Reynolds Reviews:

  • A genuine recruiter will be able to send you job profile from an official email ID, which will allow users to know more about recruitment consultancy. 
  • The WhatsApp contact of sender pertained to a business account but mentioned RRA instead of FibernetICS Corporation.
  • Reddit user was supersized by how a recruitment firm from Canada is contacting him.
  • Further, Reddit user was not searching for jobs. Hence, he stated that he did not upload his resume.
  • However, message stated that Russell Reynolds Associates had received his job application, which is a fraudulent tack-tick used to start a conversation.

It must be noted that scammers are using social media platforms and private messaging groups to loot people. Hence, it is a good practice not to provide your personal and payment information via WhatsApp chats.

At the same time, not all WhatsApp messages are scams. There are genuine WhatsApp business accounts that send messages to customers or applicants. More than 2,280 user reviews rated RRA at 4/5-stars and 1,430 video Russell Reynolds Reviews were positive.

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Think a scammer tried to contact me
byu/Ozyman42 inwhatsapp


There are several genuine business accounts which send job profiles over WhatsApp platform, and in many cases, applicant is contacted for a job abroad. But In this case, message was sent from Canada with falsifying information about name of recruitment consultancy. The WhatsApp contact number is not associated with RRA. Reddit user commented that he had reported and blocked the number.

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