RuneScape Mobile Celebrates Its First Anniversary

RuneScape Mobile Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Players can expect new rewards when they log into RuneScape Mobile.

It’s time to bring out the party hats and cake because RuneScape is celebrating a year since its launch in the mobile realm. When RuneScape’s smartphone edition was introduced a year ago, gamers had the opportunity to carry on with their adventure from wherever they were because the platform was always with them. Gamers from all across the world can return to the realistic RuneScape world with just a simple online connection or farm RS3 gold on the go. As a way of commemorating the port to mobile, Jagex is giving way a slew of free RuneScape items to help players boost their XP and even unlock a hidden treasure.

Reaping the Rewards

Five wealth seeker keys will be given to both free-to-play and paid players, allowing them to open boxes containing randomized rarity rewards. Additionally, for a brief period of time, you’ll receive a little information bomb that will increase your XP by 50%. The Bullsmith suit will be your ultimate prize, because who does not desire to dress like a bipedal bull? Although it doesn’t have much RuneScape gold value, it looks amazing.

Comparing the Player Base on Mobile and PC

According to Jagex, 40% of RuneScape’s current player base comes from the mobile platform. But why do almost half of the players prefer playing on their phones when they can have more accurate inputs on their PC? Emma Hall, the lead developer of RuneScape Mobile, mentioned in a statement that there are difficulties enjoying an MMO or any sport on a mobile device as opposed to a PC. Among the game’s most challenging content is being completed by their players. This is because accuracy isn’t as needed in MMOs, unlike games that belong to other genres (like FPS games). There may be thousands of things to click on, but that depends on a player’s timing. 

What RuneScape Mobile is Perfect For

AFKing is one of the best things you can do in an MMO. In the case of RuneScape, you can go Fishing, do some Woodcutting, upgrade your Archaeology, and so on. This laidback gameplay style is easy to do while doing other stuff and is perfect for mindless grinding. RuneScape has light, idle-like mechanics you can take advantage of, and the desktop version works equally well on mobile.

What Awaits Players in RuneScape

One can enjoy RuneScape’s first year festivities, but keep in mind that the major campaign is still ahead of you. The Elder God Wars, a one-year-long storyline in RuneScape, just ended in April. At the moment, a prelude chapter titled “The mission “Twilight of the Gods,” which delves further into the Zamorak mythos and puts you in direct conflict is currently active. This will eventually lead to a challenging battle with Zamorak himself next month.

What’s Next for RuneScape Mobile

More updates will be made by Jagex to enhance the ui. It take the shape of improvements to interface readability, text clarity, and other general quality of life issues. Essentially, they’re working to improve the technologies that users can use to access to the mobile edition of RuneScape.

It’d be helpful to see if they plan on adding notification options such as “your RuneScape items have been bought on the Grand Exchange (GE).” That would surely add another dimension of accessibility and convenience of possessing the game at your fingertips.

Due to its high level of player memory, RuneScape succeeds where other MMOs struggle. The world of Glienor will still be recognizable to you if you return to the game some few weeks, months, or 10 years from now. The stuff is still available if you’re still working to complete the Runescape gold task you started over a year ago.

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