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[Full Video Link] Rugby Player Alleyway Video: Why It Went Viral On Reddit & Tiktok? Is It Still Trending on Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Media? Read Now!

The Rugby Player Alleyway Video are reaching the audience like fire. Read the complete data regarding this viral clip on Joe Westerman.

Did you notice there is an increase in social media leaked footage? Many renowned stars are targeted in such video clips. Similarly, the United Kingdom Rugby player got in the news after his leaked footage got viral on social media. But, the reality is unknown to many of his fans and viewers. 

Though the video got the attention of many of his fans, people are curious to get notice of Rugby Player Alleyway Video. To get the reality check of this viral footage, kindly read this post till the end.

Disclaimer: We do not indulge in any posts that are not genuine, and we are not reliable to them. The evidence provided here is only for knowledge. 

The original footage of a Rugby player

The famous 33-year-old rugby league player Joe Westerman was noticed in viral footage. This clip shows that this man was performing an inappropriate activity with the other woman in an open space down the alleyway. Numerous watchers and reporters first noticed this video on the Twitter platform.  

Reactions on Reddit

Castleford Tigers stars are facing several actions against him after the indecent video that got viral on every platform. People raised queries regarding this video and created a thread on Reddit. Such scandals are becoming common these days to ruin the celebrity’s reputation. This clip is also getting Viral On Reddit. 

What was Joe Westerman’s wife’s reaction?

Joe’s wife was concerned more about her children. Immediately after the leaked footage went viral on the social platform, Joe’s wife posted saying that the woman was not her. She seems disappointed and mentions that she is just thinking about her children. 

She does not want them to be the culprit for their father’s behaviour. She confirms in her statement that she had not yet conversed with her husband regarding this viral clip.

Fans’ curiosity regarding this clip is increasing daily; hence, their search is reaching the Tiktok platform. It is unavailable at this stage, so avoid wasting your time by searching here. 

Joe’s statement about the viral footage

Joe Westerman apologized from end to end in his club. He expressed regrets to his children and family. His apology statement also mentioned his regrets for the teammates. 

Several outlets started trending Joe’s viral footage with expanded stories. However, its reality check is still under investigation. People are making short reels on Instagram that hint at the Joe scandal. 

Joe Westerman Wiki

  • Full name: Joe Anthony Westerman
  • Age:33 year old
  • Date of birth: 15th November 1989
  • Wife name: Lauren Westerman
  • Career: He is a well-known rugby player who played on teams like Hull FC, Castleford Tiger, and Warrington Wolves

Social media Links

Several Telegram groups also commented on the Joe Westerman scandal. However, the footage is not available on social media.


The rugby star viral video gained attention and is running fast on the internet. Joe Westerman is the person seen in this clip while making love with a woman in public. Though, the video is removed now from all platforms.

Does Joe Westerman deserve an arrest? Comment down.

Rugby Player Alleyway Video –FAQs

Why does the Joe Westerman video go viral?

It is because he was a famous rugby player and had starred in numerous teams over the years.

What actions were taken against Joe? 

The club had charged disciplinary action and a huge fine against Joe. 

What was Joe doing in the video?

 Joe was seen taking his pants off and involved in pleasure with another woman near the alleyway.

Are Joe Westerman and his wife together?

The reports claimed that Joe’s wife kicked him out of the house after the viral footage.

Is it available on Youtube?


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