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[Full New Video Link] Rugby Player Alleyway Video Twitter: Whom With League Caught Cheating? Is the Details Leaked On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram? Read Now!

The post showcases the highlights of the Rugby Player Alleyway Video Twitter. The reality check of the incident cleared her through complete research.

What is your opinion regarding the leaked footage of a celebrity? Do you think it is done purposely to get public attention? Several celebrities have been in the news after their inappropriate video went viral. Similarly, Rugby players’ explicit videos spread across the internet world. This clip got public views from the United Kingdom.

Therefore, the public’s interest in researching Rugby Player Alleyway Video Twitter boomsThis post will uncover this video’s reality and focus on all aspects.


Disclaimer: We do not indulge in any posts that are not genuine, and we are not reliable to them. The evidence provided here is only for knowledge. 

About Rugby viral clip

Joe Westerman is the rugby player trending on social media after the clip that showed him performing an inappropriate activity in a public alleyway. The woman in this video was not Joe’s wife, as confirmed by her. Instead, the woman was the wife of Joe’s friend. 

However, it is not confirmed about the details of the woman with whom the Rugby League Player Caught Cheating.

Joe Westerman’s wife’s response

Lauren Westerman was the wife of Joe. After the clip of Joe behaving indecently in public got viral, Lauren confirmed in her statement that the woman in the viral clip was not her. She also mentioned that she had kicked Joe out of her house and is currently worrying about the children’s future.

She said she had spoken with her husband regarding the clip circulating around.

This clip was Leaked On Reddit and created a thread focusing on this matter. People’s responses are adorable, and some of Joe’s fans are upset. Now, check some consequences that Joe Westerman faced after this leaked footage.

Consequence faced by Joe Westerman

Joe Westerman was charged with a hefty fine by his Castleford tigers club. Moreover, he was charged for not matching the terms of any disciplinary action of the club. 

Certainly, he lost numerous fans after this incident. In addition, his wife is devastated and seems to leave him forever. Joe’s Instagram fans are not happy and shooting him with hateful comments.

Joe Apology Statement

Joe accepted his mistake and seemed to regret his wrong action. He apologized through his club to all his fans and colleagues. He mentioned that this was due to drinking habits that led him to make the wrong decision. 

Several Tiktok watchers watched his video and shared it further, which gained him a hate response.

Knowledge about Joe Westerman

  • The full name is Joe Anthony Westerman
  • His birth date of Joe is 15th November 1989.
  • He is 33 years old.
  • He was born in Pontefract, United Kingdom
  • There is no information regarding his parents and sibling
  • He is married to Lauren Westerman

The original clip of Joe Westerman is not available on TelegramHowever, people are looking for it on other platforms. In our investigation, it is confirmed that the video has been removed from all social platforms.

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The rugby league star’s explicit clip reached an audience from all social platforms. This video cost Joe Westerman tremendously in his career and personal life. This footage is removed from the net, and Joe has apologized for his mistake.

What’s your opinion on this incident? Express it in the Comments.

Rugby Player Alleyway Video Twitter –FAQs

Q1. What does Joe’s video show that impacted his life?

Joe leaked clip shows him bringing down his pants in the alleyway. He was performing an inappropriate activity with a woman there.

Q2. How many children does Joe have? 

Joe had three children.

Q3. What is the net worth of Joe Westerman?

Five dollars million.

Q4. Who was the woman in the video?

The woman in the clip is unidentified yet. Though, some rumors claimed that she was Joe’s Friend’s wife.

Q5. Is the clip available on Youtube?

No, though some youtubers made a story with the updates.

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