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Royalty and Nikee Fight Video: Is It Trending On TWITTER Platform? Checkout Facts Here!

This article gives information about the Royalty and Nikee Fight Video and tells the readers about the reason behind it.

Do you like to know about the Royalty and Nikee fight? Recently, news got viral on the internet about a fight between two females, and United States readers are looking for the information behind it.

If you want to know the reason behind the Royalty and Nikee Fight Video and other facts, then look at this article.


What happens between Royalty and Nikee?

The video of Royalty and Nikee’s fight went viral on the internet, and they are fighting with each other. The incident happened last night, and the reason behind the fight is beefing each other.

They share the children on CJ So Cool, but the girls are not on good terms with each other.

Royalty and Nikee Fight TWITTER

CJ So Cool recorded the incident on the streets of the United States and trended on the social media platform. Nikee and Royalty are not on good terms and constantly dissed each other on social media platforms like Instagram.

Both of them posted stories and provoked the other person into a fight. However, Royalty arrived at the Nikee’s house and started the live video on Instagram. The video got posted on the Twitter platform.

Who are Royalty and Nikee?

Royalty and Nikee shared a common bond through CJ So Cool. After the Royalty and Nikee Fight Video, everyone starts looking for information about the two females.

Royalty Johnson is a mother of five and the wife of CJ So Cool.

On the other hand, there is not much information related to Nikee as we can only find her Instagram account and know that she is the ex-wife of CJ So Cool.

What are the reactions of the fans?

On the Twitter platform, the fans started a debate about the fight between two females. Everyone is shocked after watching the video and looking for more information about the reason behind the fight.

The Royalty and Nikee Fight Video is available on different platforms like Reddit and Instagram, and the number of viewers is increasing daily.

CJ So Cool reaction on the fight

Unfortunately, CJ So Cool didn’t come forward nor issued any statement regarding the fight. Therefore, it is hard to say if the officials took any action about the fight. However, we will update the article instantly once we get more information about the case.

Until then, it is safe to say that the Royalty and Nikee Fight Video brings out new headlines for social media platforms. Every reader is enjoying the catfight between Royalty and Nikee.

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Final Words

The video is trending on every platform, but there is limited information on the internet. The fight happened recently, so let’s hope that more information will release soon. 

What are your views regarding the fight? Please comment below.

Royalty and Nikee Fight Video– FAQs

1: Who is CJ So Cool?

A: He is a Youtuber.

2: What is the real name of Royalty?

A: The real name of Royalty is Charlene Johnson.

3: How many kids do CJ and Royalty have?

A: 2 kids who are twins, i.e., Cordayah and Cordero Jr.

4: Who is Nikee?

A: She is the ex-wife of CJ So Cool.

5: What is the reason behind the fight?

A: The main reason behind the fight is online bullying and dissing each other.

6: Where did the incident happen?

A: The exact location is not mentioned anywhere.

7: Who recorded the Royalty and Nikee Fight Video?

A: CJ So Cool.

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