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{Full Watch} Roy Keane Video Leaked On Twitter: Check Full Content On Roy Emirates Video

The Roy Keane Video Leaked on Twitter article has provided all the essential details about the incident.

Who is Roy Keane? What video of Roy Keane has been leaked on Twitter? Who is Micah Richard? If you want to know about Roy Keane Video Leaked on Twitter, read this article here. People from Worldwide are interested to know about the recent altercation at a match between Manchester United & Arsenal.

What happened With Roy Keane?

A collision between Roy Keane and an Arsenal supporter on September 3, 2023, shocked the football world. An extremely tense atmosphere resulted from the altercation during a competitive game between Manchester United and Arsenal. 

Despite attempts to maintain decorum, tensions rose, and Keane and the fervent Arsenal supporter had an ugly argument, ending with a headbutt; the fan was also arrested. Roy Keane Micah Richards Video has now leaked on Twitter. The report claims that the broadcaster Micah Richard was also involved with Roy. 

Disclaimer: This news has been a trending topic recently; thus, we have discussed it in detail. The video has slightly violent footage, so watch at your own risk. 

Background Story of the Incident 

The incident occurred on September 3 between Arsenal and Manchester United at the game venue when Roy was going to the pitch with Micah Richard for a post-match analysis. 

A fan of Arsenal (who was in the lobby) aimed to headbutt the former captain of Manchester United, Roy Keane. With the sudden attack, Roy was shocked. But Richard stepped in to support Roy and asked the fan to apologize. Thus, the altercation turned into a heated argument.

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Roy Keane Emirates Video

The video of this altercation has been trending on social media, and from the video, both parties are fighting. Richard was seen intimidating the fan, but a Sky Sports spokesperson explained that he was trying to handle the situation and make the person apologize to Roy Keane. 

But fans and the loving community have different views on the video. Some say it is the mistake of the fan who tried to headbutt Roy. But many also claimed that Roy and Richard were fighting with him. Netizens can access the video, which has also gone viral on Youtube

Social Media Links & More 

Twitter Link

These links contain a discussion on the topic and a video of the altercation present on Twitter. As per sources, police have arrested the man who assaulted Roy, and he is a 42-year-old Irish man. All the links are from authentic sources. 

Instagram-Account Link of Roy Keane: We have tried to search for Roy’s official social media account, but maybe he does not have an account on any social media. But a link to Roy’s official Instagram was provided on the internet. We tried to open the link, but it was not accessible. Hence, we can say that Roy’s social media presence is NIL. 

Final Summary

The article discussed the headbutt by a fan aimed towards Roy Keane during a match between Manchester United and Arsenal. Roy was the Captain of Manchester United, and now he is in the broadcasting team of Sky Sports. This incident on September 3 shocked not only Roy but the whole world. Those fans were arrested later by the police. Video of the argument has been trending on Telegram and social media platforms. For more details on Roy Keane, click here.

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