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Rox Token Price (September 2021) Chart & How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the new crypto coin and the live Rox Token Price data for an informed investment decision.

Crypto tokens are creating news these days because of the high profits it offers. Many investors are focused on these Crypto tokens for profits. Every day you will come across a new crypto token with high trending prices. ROX Token is the newly launched token, and we will be discussing the token in this post. 

ROX token is the BEP-20 type Crypto token that is available for trading with the ticker symbol ROX. Since the token is newly launched, it has very few details available, and investors Worldwide want to know about Rox Token Price

What is Rox Token?

ROX token is the newly launched BEP-20 type Crypto token that is trending amongst Worldwide investors. The token has been listed on bscscan.com, and it is available for trading on the exchange with the ticker symbol ROX. 

ROX token is launched recently, and it has very few details available. So, we can’t explain the primary usages of the coin. Investors have to research more to find information on the token before investing. It will help them learn the live Rox Token Price and market stats for a worthwhile investment.  

Who are the Founders and CEO of Rox Token?

ROX is the newly launched website, and we found no data regarding the CEO and founders. The details about the team behind the token are not available online.

We have only found that the token has over 1000 holders and has registered 1303 transfers to date. So, investors have to wait until any new update is available about the token before investing.    

What is the Live Rox Token Price and Market Statistics?

We have analyzed the token on bscscan.com and found very little information. The live price recorded in the last 24 hours is $9 602, equal to 19.83 BNB.

Besides, the token’s market capitalization is $344 602, and it includes the locked coin and excludes the burned tokens. 

There is no data available about the fully diluted market capitalization. There are 1000 ROX available for the total circulating supply. But, no information is available for the maximum circulating supply of the coin. The Rox Token Price has registered a decline of 1.09% in the last 24 hours. 

How to Buy Rox Token?

  • Investors interested in buying the Rox Token need to register with a trusted wallet.
  • Then, link the wallet to Binance exchange and buy some BNB to swap it for ROX.
  • Enter the contract address (0x49bcfcf2fd36635dff3b8b9e7f3ac582bfa9f6c5) to check the details of the token before buying
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy. But don’t forget to check the live Rox Token Price
  • Use the BNB in your account to swap it for ROX.
  • Set a slippage and swap the BNB for ROX, and you are done.   


Q1. What is the Contract Address of ROX?

A1. Investors are required to buy ROX using the contract address 0x49bcfcf2fd36635dff3b8b9e7f3ac582bfa9f6c5

Q2. How Many Holders Does ROX Have?

A2. After evaluating, we found that the token has a total of 1088 holders across the world. 

Q3. How Many Transfers ROX Has Registered?

A3. The ROX token has registered a total of 1303 transfers to date. 


ROX Token is new in the crypto exchange, and the Rox Token Price keeps fluctuating. The live price of the token is mentioned above, and it has registered a decline of 1.09% in the last 24 hours. So, it makes crucial to evaluate the live price data of the coin before investing. Plus, ensure to check the trusted apps to buy Cryptocurrency in 2021 to avoid unnecessary hassles and scams.     

Do you have any updates regarding the token? Then, please share it with others in the comment section.

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