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Roomv2 Coin (Aug) Price, How to Buy? Contract Address

Roomv2 Coin (Aug) Price, How to Buy? Contract Address >> Get an insight into details of coin named ‘ROOM’ which offers dual features that is governance and Utility.

Today this page have come up with the new topic discussion related to one of the crypto-currency which is largely known by Turkey

Roomv2 Coin details are being searched by investors all across, and the results searching this coin leads to the information of Optionroom Coin or Room Coin. So as far as details of Room Coin and its live Data is concerned, we had tried to show you up all the knowledge of this digital currency down in the write-up.

About ROOM Crypto Coin:

Option Room Coin is an oracle governed by the user and built on the Pokladot forecast protocol. The token can offer OaaS, meaning Oracle as a service. The governance solves the requests of the oracle. Roomv2 Coin stats is mentioned further.

The Coin allows its holders to participate and create event derivatives that are pegged into the real-world outcome by the governance consensus. This digital token is introduced as a dual Coin model with governance token and Utility Token as a court and Room.

Details Of ROOM Crypto:

  • Public sales: Feb 5, 2021
  • Token Supply: 500,000,000 ROOM
  • Total Token for Sale: 100,000,000 ROOM
  • Ticker Used: ROOM
  • -Type: Utility Coin

Let’s show you few notes we got online, particularly regarding the Roomv2 token 

Roomv2 Coin Statistics:

  • Room V2 course: 0$
  • Room V2 course (BTC): 0.00000000 BTC
  • Market Capitalization: 0$
  • 24h trade Volume: $0
  • 24h minimal price: 0$
  • Market cap rank: #2480
  • Absolute Maximum: $0
  • Absolute Maximum date: no data
  • From Absolute Maximum: 0.00%
  • One-day volatility: 0.00%
  • Seven-day volatility: 0.00%

Changes In Coin

  • Twenty-four hours changes: 0.0000%
  • Seven days changes: 0.0000%
  • Fourteen days changes: 0.0000%
  • Thirty days changes: 0.0000%
  • Sixty days changes: 0.0000%
  • One year change: 0.0000% 

Let’s learn more about what we found out searching Roomv2 Coin 

ROOM Price Live Data:

Today’s worth of ROOM price is $0.172341. The live Coin market cap rank is $219,499. The Coin has Risen by 7.72 per cent on last one day. If you like to have this coin, you can search it on Pancake swap, Ascend, DODO, Hotbit etc.

How To Buy Room Crypto Coin?

Here’s the guide!

Create a wallet Metamask to buy Room Coin from Uniswap 

Get connected to the Uniswap Coin to purchase Room tokens and have the contract details ready

Swap to buy the ROOM Coin on Uniswap 

After purchasing this coin, place the currency in the secured wallet that can hold it for the long term. Visit here Buy ROOM Coin


Roomv2 Coin details that are showed down which relates to the ROOM Coin only. So we searched out the basic currency details in deep about What you must know before investing in the cryptocurrency, and that’s what we came to know, which is cited above.

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