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Room Viral Fitting TWITTER: What Does Cctv Footage Depicts Which Got Leaked on Reddit, TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE & Telegram Medias? Know Here!

The article describes the incident related to Room Viral Fitting TWITTER and provides information about the entire incident.

Have you heard the viral news of a fitting room that has been leaked online? Recently people came to know about a store with CCTV cameras in their fitting room. This evoked the people of Malaysia to demand quick action on the store.

The news spread like fire, and people have made this incident the most-discussed topic. This article will provide the complete details of Room Viral Fitting TWITTER. Stay tuned.


Disclaimer: The article provides accurate information, and nothing harmful is presented in the news.

What is the news of viral fitting?

The news came into the limelight when people came across the video circulating on social media websites such as Twitter and Reddit about the spread of tape captured inside the fitting room where a girl was found changing and trying on clothes. These incidents are shameful, and people must take proper action against the culprit.

Is the Cctv Footage Leaked on Reddit?

The CCTV footage was leaked on various platforms, and people came to know about the video through these channels. We cannot post any link to the video because of sensitive content, and at the same time, we respect the girl’s privacy in the fitting room.


Is the Cctv Footage Leaked on Reddit

We do not see the video on Reddit now as we think it has been taken down from the internet due to a violation of rules.

Can the users find the video on TIKTOK?

The users have found the video on TikTok, but now if we try to find the link to the footage, we won’t be able to find it since they have been removed from the online platforms. Also, it is worth mentioning that such kinds of footage that disrespect the person’s self-respect must be removed as soon as possible.

We are extremely disheartened to find such kinds of videos and the incidents taking place even now.

What is the people’s reaction to Instagram?

After the video circulation, people fumed to find the footage and demanded strict action against the store. The store is one of the famous worldwide stores, and no one expects this behavior. 

Although, such kinds of videos are not posted on Instagram as the platform does not allow such videos to be posted on the channel.

The viral video link on YOUTUBE

We have found some channels posting the information online but not posting the video online, and the only news is found on such websites. YouTube does not allow users to post explicit content; hence, the video does not show the leaked footage but the information about the incident.

YouTube is an available channel for all such incidents, and people must report any abusive content.

Is there any link provided on the Telegram channel?

We have not found any link on Telegram, and even if posted, the footage has not been made public by the users. We have no information about the private pictures and videos leaked online.

Social media links


The footage has gained maximum attention from people Worldwide, and they are demanding strict action against the company. The related details to the leaked footage can be read online. What are your views on the video? Comment below.

Room Viral Fitting TWITTER-FAQs

Q1. What is the news about the fitting room?

A leaked cctv footage was circulated everywhere.

Q2. Who was found in the video?

A Malaysian girl is seen changing her clothes.

Q3. Where did this incident take place?


Q4. Who leaked the video?

The clothing store where she was found changing.

Q5. How did people come to know about the footage?

Reddit, Twitter, and OnlyFans.

Q6. Is strict action taken against the store?


Q7. Who is investigating the matter?

Official authorities.

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