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[Watch Video] Ronaldo Valdez Actual Video: Is There Any Death Footage Showing Gun? Check Info About Children!

Explore why the death gun shot Ronaldo Valdez Actual Video Footage is trending on the internet, and the stance of his children regarding this issue.

Have you guys seen the movies of the veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez? Then, do you know about the demise of this veteran actor, leaving many of his fans in deep agony?

The death of Ronaldo news became a trending one in countries like the Philippines, the United States, and many more. In this scenario, the Ronaldo Valdez Actual Video has stirred lots of controversies revolving around the death of this actor. In this article, we are going to bust out all the rumors.

Details about the Ronaldo Valdez Actual Video

Here, the actual video of Ronaldo refers to his deathbed footage. On December 17, 2023, sad news spread that the veteran Filipino actor Ronaldo Valdez had died at his home at the age of 76, and this news was shared by Ronaldo Valdez’s son, Janno Bibbs. 

But the real cause of Ronaldo’s death was entirely masked by his family members. In this state, a rumor spread that Ronaldo committed suicide by gunshot. 

Most people didn’t believe it, but the recent circulation of Ronaldo Valdez Death Video shared the real cause of the death of Ronaldo because, in that CCTV footage, we can see Ronaldo in his death position holding a gun in his hand. 

As he shot himself, the blood completely covered his body. All these scenes were recorded on his home CCTV. The CCTV footage was leaked, but presently, the actual footage has been removed from the internet because it holds more sensitive and heartbreaking scenes.

Ronaldo Valdez Death Video

Ronaldo Valdez died at home, and his driver, Angelito Oclarit, first identified it. Then Ronaldo was rushed to the hospital, but he died before that. But the thing happened in his room before his death was recorded on the CCTV camera that was installed in his bedroom. 

In that video, Ronaldo seemed to be lying unconsciously on the chair, holding a gun in his right hand. He gets a gunshot at the temple region; it is the region where four human skull bones meet, so if we target that area, one can quickly die. 

Ronaldo Valdez Actual Footage clearly shows all the details to the people. But the detailed full scenes of the entire video are not available on the internet. Because the death video has created lots of controversy, even the talent manager of Ronaldo, Jamela Santos, expressed his strong condemnation of this death footage.

Ronaldo Valdez Actual Footage

The actual and uncensored version of the leaked Ronaldo video is not available on the internet because Ronaldo’s family members raised a complaint to Philippine police officials, and the person who uploaded the video is under the radar.

If they are caught, it means they are going to attract severe legal action because it is severe and sensitive content that needs to be protected. 

Still, the uploader released the Ronaldo Valdez Video Gun footage without having any second thoughts. As per the reports of the Philippine police officials, they have arrested two people who are linked with the release of the leaked video, but their identities have not been published. The reason behind publishing the video has yet to be found.

Ronaldo Valdez Actual Footage

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Ronaldo Valdez Children

Amidst the death of Ronaldo, the spotlight has turned towards his children. Even Ronaldo’s son is a very famous figure. Yes! He is the father of popular entertainment celebrity Janno Bibbs. Janno Bibbs is the first son of the Ronaldo and Maria Fe Gibbs pair; they invited their first child into this world on September 16, 1969. 

Janno is an actor, comedian, and host who is currently doing many successful projects. 

Another Ronaldo Valdez Children is Melissa Gibbs; she is the only daughter born to Ronaldo. But there is not much information about her daughter. There are chances that Melissa’s involvement in the cine industry. As a whole, Ronaldo was survived by only two children.

Ronaldo Valdez Children

Ronaldo Valdez Video Gun

In the leaked Ronaldo death video, Ronaldo held a gun in his right hand. The gunshot on his head directly gives us the information that Ronaldo used that gun to shoot himself, but detailed data about the gun details and name are not available.


Thereby, we have discussed the leaked Ronaldo Valdez Actual Video of the late veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez. Ronaldo’s family members sought the help of the Philippine police and cybercrime team to remove the video from the internet and social media platforms. Hence, the general public couldn’t watch that footage.

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Disclaimer: This article shares sensitive death footage of the famous Philippine actor Ronaldo Valdez.

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