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Ron Token To PHP (Feb 2022) Chart And How To Buy?

The guide shares details about the RON token and the Ron Token to PHP value for the investors.  

Followers and influencers must respite now as there is a platform launched for them to earn and get followers globally. RON is the platform that is for worldwide followers and influencers. It is the marketplace for fan bases and sponsors. 

The influencer sharing economy platform attracts many investors and fan bases. Besides, investors can also purchase the native token of the platform on PAT exchange. RON Coin is very popular amongst investors in the Philippines.

But, people are still wondering to know the live Ron Token to PHP value. 

What is RON Token?

RON with the ticker symbol RON is the platform designed for followers and influencers of the world. It is the marketplace for the fan base and sponsors. The more influencers and fan base you have, the more RON token you earn.

RON Token or RON Coin is the native currency of the platform that is issued for the influencers and followers through its application called PATRON. It is issued to the fan base and sponsors of the influencers.

The token has marked a significant presence in the market of the Philippines. Investors are now looking for the live Ron Token to PHP Value.    

Who Are the Founders?

Since the official website of RON Token is not active, it isn’t easy to access the details of the team behind the token and platform. The website is not working, and hence we can’t share the names of the people behind this platform and its native token. 

However, it is found that the RON token has 315 holders and registered a 1350 transfer to date. 

What is the Market Statistic of RON Token?

Before proceeding to the section of Ron Token to PHP Value, let us check the market statistics of the token.    

As per the online sources, the live price of the token is $0.0001798. There is no update on the trading volume of the token. So, we can’t say if it has registered a decline or the value has been hiked in the last 24 hours.

Besides, the token has a market ranking of 6334 based on its market cap. However, fully diluted market capitalization and market capitalization details are not available online.

The total and max circulating supply of the token are 100 000 000 000 RON.

What is the Ron Token to PHP Value?

According to coingecko.com, the live PHP value of RON is not available. However, the last known value of RON in Pilipino Peso is 0.00784053 PHP. 

So, for one RON, you would get the value of 0.00784053 PHP. The value is subject to change according to future market trends.

How to Buy Ron Token?

  • RON Token is available for purchase on PAT exchange
  • Link your wallet to the exchange and add funds
  • Find the token using the contract address 0x23f043426b2336e723b32fb3bf4a1ca410f7c49a 
  • Check the live Ron Token to PHP Value before investing
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Click on the swap button, and you are done


Q1. What is the Official Site of RON Token?

A1.  https://ron-influencers.com/ is the official link, but it is not active now.

Q2. Which is the Right Contract Address?

A2. 0x23f043426b2336e723b32fb3bf4a1ca410f7c49a is the contract address of the RON token. 


Influencers and followers can now use the innovative platform RON to get exciting services. It is the platform for the worldwide fan base and sponsors. They get paid in RON Token, and it is very popular amongst worldwide investors. 

But, before investing, you must check the live Ron Token to PHP value. But it is equally important to know the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2022 to make high profits.    

Do you have anything to update about RON Token? Please, share it in the comment section. 

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