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Role of NGO In Combating COVID

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NGOs all around India are known to have had an impressive role when strengthening the health infrastructure of the country, starting from the setting up of several oxygen plants to the provision of diagnostic and medical equipment.The world has changed a lot since the advent of COVID-19 in March 2020; every other person is known to have been affected by it in one way or the other. It has not only impacted the overall health and well-being of hundred thousand of people, but has also ended up causing a huge loss of productive assets, livelihood, and loss of lives. Apart from this, economic distress in the form of wages, production, consumption, jobs, and investments was very much noticeable to be ignored. Hence, it is important to discuss the Role of NGOs in Combating COVID.

What is covid -19 and how it affected people?

COVID-19 is known to have uncovered a lot of complicated institutional infirmities in the health system because of the low spending on health, around or about 1.2% of its GDP. At the peak of the second wave of COVID-19, every person was very riled by the direct or indirect ability to effectively meet the ends of medical-grade oxygen supplies, diagnostic and list-saving medical equipment, personal protective gear, and beds in hospitals. In the same year, in May, the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, invoked the presence of NGOs to strengthen the healthcare sector with the rising level of cases in the second wave. In addition to this, Role of NGO in Combating COVID in India held hands again to fight back!

What is the role of NGO in combating COVID?

From all over India, specifically, the well-renowned ones such as Save the Children, America India Foundation, Caritas, Action Aid, Oxfam India, SaveLIFE Foundation, and World Vision were known to have played a prominent role to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure. Whether it was the provision of diagnostic and medical equipment or the setting up of oxygen plants, people have specifically told that they witnessed the focus of NGOs from close quarters on Primary Health Centers as well as Community Health Centers for ensuring that people face this big challenge of the second wave along with being prepared for a third wave shortly.

From time to time, people have also witnessed hundreds and thousands of migrant workers who were known for undertaking tortuous and long travel on food succeeding the lockdown. NGOs also came into force for providing dry rations, drinking water, and cooked meal on highways across India; an important role from the restoration of livelihood to mitigation of hunger was also played.In this day and age, Role of NGO in Combating COVID in India are required to prepare themselves to play a much bigger role in emergencies in the future.

But the most important aspect of them all is that the small grassroots organizations were braving on the field an unprecedented health emergency and an unknown virus turning into an extensive humanitarian crisis. People were rendered immobile as a result of the worldwide lockdown. Certain grassroots organizations across India helped people with the provision or delivery of safety kits and food kits.


It would have been completely impossible for so-called bigger NGOs, for instance, national NGO search such a huge number of stranded communities and migrants with safety kits, food, and cooked meals across the country. 

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