Roidmi Eve Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Online Product Reviews

Roidmi Eve Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner on New Year’s Discount

Be you a cutting-edge tech enthusiast or simply someone looking for a replacement for your bulky manual vacuum cleaner likely from the 70s, ROIDMI Eve Plus self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner and mop is, without doubt, your perfect choice.

The cleaning robot can take over all the floor cleaning work. And the dust station sterilization feature will safeguard the health of you and your family in the coming year.

Are you ready for the New Year’s discount?

Even the most unremarkable cleaning robot seems to clean the floor well. But is it really clean? Whenever you had a cheat day and skipped emptying and washing the dust tray, the waste bred an army of bacteria that threatens the health of the family. How to get the most cleaning done with the least effort without harboring a potential health threat? The high-tech  xiaomi robot vacuumROIDMI Eve Plus is your answer.

The 3L large dust station of ROIDMI Eve Plus has a sterilizing and deodorizing system that solves the bacteria problem. The credit goes to ROIDMI’s commitment to innovation and improving user-friendliness.

The innovative features aside, ROIDMI Eve Plus is already more than powerful as a robot vacuum cleaner and mop. The brushless digital motor generates a surging 2,700pa suction. The front vacuum brush and rear mopping pad allow the robot to clean more efficiently. And the 250ml water tank, offering different water options for different floor types, is enough for the robot to mop 250sqm.

Dust bunnies accumulate under the sofa in autumn and winter as we shut the doors and windows to keep it warm and cozy inside. ROIDMI Eve Plus is particularly good at these hard-to-reach problems. It can slide into and out of corners under the bed and sofa easily with the intelligent navigation system. And it won’t try to force itself in when the height doesn’t allow it. That’s how smart ROIDMI Eve Plus is.

Remember you don’t get such a huge discount on ROIDMI Eve Plus every day. The robot vacuum cleaner price has a huge discount, So don’t miss the last chance to snatch it. If you are planning on buying a ROIDMI Eve Plus self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner and mop for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member who’s always occupied with home cleaning chores, it’s the best timing. You get to enjoy the robot vacuum cleaner price of huge discount and avoid the delivery traffic jam that’s just passed.

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