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Rodney King Video Original: What Get Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram Media? Checkout Details Here!

This post associated with Rodney King Video Original shared facts about the footage when law enforcement officials attacked an individual.

Was Rodney shot while getting beaten? Did police officers beat Rodney? What happened to Rodney, and what is shown in the footage? People from the United States and other global places are looking for the content shown in the footage of Rodney King.

Although Rodney’s incident is not new, people are still looking for the content shown in the clip. So, let us check the incident captured in the footage and why people are spreading and talking about Rodney King Video Original in this guide below.



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Was the original footage of Rodney King captured?

George Holiday captured the footage of Rodney King beaten by four police officers on March 3rd, 1991. That video spread like wildfire on many social media platforms, including Reddit’s pages, Twitter, etc. 

The proprietor of a nearby Los Angeles plumbing company, George, was woken by helicopters and sirens only moments after midnight. He went to his terrace, picked up his brand-new, portable Sony camera, and began shooting. Rodney’s clip was Viral On Reddit, and people shared it massively.

What did George capture in his shoot?

What George captured was startling. Four law enforcement officials brutally beat a black man with batons. A dozen or more policemen waited outside the area and observed. About twenty people watched from a distance. A few people appealed to the officials to slow down, and observers shouted not to murder him.

Holliday, who passed away from COVID-19 on September 21st, recorded twelve minutes of video. The Rodney King video, which ignited the 1992 Los Angeles riots after the four alleged law enforcement perpetrators in the assault were cleared of every charge, contains 90 seconds of film, possibly the most notorious picture of all time. It was viral on Tiktok, although not accessible.

Did Rodney’s video go viral?

The video quickly went viral on many social media platforms and created outrage. A regional story went global and dominated news reports across the country. Many years later, it would become hailed as the pioneering instance of news gathering. 

People looked for Rodney’s clip on Telegram too, but it was not accessible.

Did the video show Rodney assaulted by officials? 

An interaction between Rodney King and Los Angeles officials that would have normally been full of violence but easily forgotten was made into one of the most viewed and talked-about instances of its sort because of a nine-and-a-half-minute videotape by George Holliday. 

During the first moment and a part of the film, each of the officers’ blows is delivered. You may see the entire footage of Holliday online, but the crucial opening few seconds as Rodney rushes at Officer Powell are a blur.

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Rodney King, an individual assaulted and killed by police officials in 1991, is still in the news. People are still sharing and recollecting how law enforcement officials are seen thrashing and killing Rodney. The video of Rodney, captured by George, is still shared publicly. 

Want to check Rodney’s incident footage? Check the Youtube link below. Did you see Rodney’s footage? Share your perception of the incident in the section below.

Rodney King Video Original: FAQs

Q1. Who was Rodney King?

Rodney King was an individual killed by police officials.

Q2. How many police officers were involved in Rodney’s killing?


Q3. Who captured the incident of Rodney King?

George Holliday

Q4. Were the police officials punished?

No, the police officials were released from every charge.

Q5. Where did the incident happen?

Los Angeles

Q6. How did George die?

George died from Covid-19 infection.

Q7. When did Rodney die?

March 3rd 1991

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