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Roblox Tower Heroes Wiki: Find Complete List All Tower Heroes X Doors Codes Here!

This post covers everything from a little too major updates related to Roblox. So, if you want to learn more about Roblox Tower Heroes Wiki, scroll down the article.

Are you a Roblox game lover? Do you know about the latest edition of Tower Heroes in collaboration with the DOORS? If yes, we will inform you of the mandatory facts and codes for the new edition. Roblox is an ever-innovative game with new concepts and events occasionally to increase the players’ excitement. Roblox is extremely popular in the United States. 

Check out the post below for more information about Roblox Tower Heroes Wiki and its code lists and redemption procedure. Stay tuned for more updates. 


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What is Roblox Tower Heroes? 

The tower heroes by Roblox is a tower defence game in which players have to build towers tactically while fighting off the enemies trying to destroy the tower. The Pixel Bit studios power the Roblox game. Throughout the game, players have to constantly look for new upgrades like new and exciting freebies offered through Tower Heroes Codes.

Latest codes for Tower Heroes: 

  • PixelBit – Redeem code for 20 Coins
  • crispytyph – Redeem code for a Follower & Sticker
  • ENEMYPETS – Redeem the code for a free sticker
  • ODDPORT – Redeem the code for a Free Reward
  • HEROESXBOX – Redeem code for an Xbox Skin
  • SPOOKTACULAR – Redeem the code for a free skin
  • pizzatime – Redeem code for a Pizza item
  • FRANKBDAY – Funny Birthday Frank Skin
  • PVPUPDATE – Redeem code for Jester of Chaos modifier
  • COOPERATE – Redeem the code for three free stickers
  • 4JULY2021 – Redeem code for a free modifier
  • THSTICKER – Redeem the code for a Free Reward
  • 2020VISION – Redeem code for a Streamer Skin
  • CubeCavern – Redeem code for an SCC Wiz Skin

What are the  All Tower Heroes Codes?

It is important to use the codes timely for more effective results before the event ends and the codes expire. 

Details about Tower Heroes X Doors:

A live event for the collaboration will occur on the 21st of July, 2023. A new tower called El Goblino with a library map in the door theme is introduced.

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Final Thoughts! 

This event is a great opportunity for players to level up their game, increase their ranking, and upgrade their collections. 

Are you excited about the upcoming Roblox doors edition? Let us know in the comments down below. 

Roblox Tower Heroes Wiki: FAQs

Q1. What is Tower Heroes? 

Tower Heroes are a kind of Roblox defence of tower game where players have to protect the towers from the enemies and constantly upgrade their skills. 

Q2. How can you redeem code rewards? 

Players can simply enter the code in the box and claim the rewards. Rewards can be new skins, stickers, weapons and so on. 

Q3. How to get more cases for Tower Heroes? 

Players can join the game’s official page to get new updates or join the Pixel Bit Roblox group. 

Q4. What is the Tower Heroes X Doors?

It is the latest event of Roblox in collaboration with the DOORS, a popular previous horror event of Roblox. 

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