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Roblox Adopt Me Ash Zebra Bait: Check Steps By Step How to Use Ash Zebra Bait

The article discusses the Roblox Adopt Me Ash Zebra Bait, a rare food item. Please have a glance at it.

Do you play the Adopt Me game Roblox? Are you aware of the recent update in the game? Players in the United States and the United Kingdom are looking for Roblox Adopt Me Ash Zebra Bait. But what is it, and how to use it? Let’s head straight on it in our post.

What is the latest search in the Adopt Me game?

A rare food item, “Zebra Bait,” is the popular search among the Roblox Adopt Me players. As Adopt Me players know about Sky Castle, it is a place where they will get Zebra Bait. For the unversed, it is a key site in the game that allows strange animals to settle on the island. It also contains a secret portal that leads to another dimension guarded by Tim, who assists players in gathering necessary components.

If you are a social media user, you must have encountered many users asking Adopt Me How to Use Ash Zebra Bait. If you are also searching for ways to get and use it in your game, you are at the right place.

Steps to obtain Ash Zebra Bait in Adopt Me:

Let us understand how to get Ash Zebra Bait in Adopt Me step-by-step:

  • Enter the Sky Castle
  • You will see a dazzling portal there.
  • You must proceed to meet an NPC named Tim.
  • When you interact with him, he will guide the items required to gather for Ash Zebra bait.
  • Players must first explore the Lava globe and locate chests to gather ingredients in Adopt Me.
  • Once you find chests in Roblox Adopt Me Ash Zebra Bait, approach them and click the Harvest button.
  • Now, if you have enough ingredients, return to NPC.
  • Next, select the Cook Recipe button on the left-hand side.
  • Players will acquire Cookie or Molten Melon through this step.
  • Following that, select the ‘Tap to Throw’ option.
  • Players will almost certainly receive the Ash Zebra Bait if they do so.

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Adopt Me How to Use Ash Zebra Bait?

As we know, the Zebra Bait is newly introduced in the update, and many gamers have received this bait, but it is still not clear how to use it. Also, on searching on the internet regarding this, there is no information on how to use Ash Zebra Bait in the Adopt Me game. According to our findings on the Discord update, users will be able to use Ash Zebra Bait with the full updated release. Moreover, it is also known that the entire update is slated for September 14, 2023.

Roblox Adopt Me Ash Zebra Bait is not tradable currently, and the purpose of introducing this bait is to attract Ash Zebra. Talking about the appearance of this bait, it is a yellow-topped pastry with brown biscuit bottoms. On top is orange frosting and a little white whip of cream. There is no price for obtaining it; you will get it by throwing five campfire cookies.

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Roblox Adopt Me Ash Zebra Bait is the most popular search across Among Us players. However, there is not much information on how to use it. Players need to remember it is a one-time use item, and it will disappear after using it. To learn more about Adopt Me Ash Zebra Bait, you can check here.

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