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Robert Card Maine Reddit: Where Is Family? More On Victims, Caught, Massachusetts, Manhunt, Girlfriend!

The article on Robert Card Maine Reddit discloses Where Is he? And about his Family, Victims, Massachusetts Manhunt Caught, and Girlfriend.

Do you know who Robert Card is? Recently, a mass shooting happened in Lewiston and made the natives of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia speechless. The Lewiston Police Department found that Robert Card was the culprit.

When this news went viral, people started searching for the Robert Card Maine Reddit to learn about him. You can go through the entire to find out more details about Robert Card.

Why did people search for the Robert Card Maine Reddit?

On Wednesday, 25 October 2023, a terrible incident happened in Lewiston, Maine, at night. A mass shooting happened at different locations where almost eighteen innocent people lost their lives, and thirteen people were injured. On Wednesday night, the Lewiston Police Department started suspecting Robert R. Card for shootings at Just in Time Bowling (renamed from Sparetime Recreation) and Schemengees Bar and Grille.

Where Is Robert Card?

On Thursday morning, 26 October 2023, the Lewiston Police Department considered Robert Card a suspect and started searching for him. The Lewiston Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Robert Card for murdering eight people. The authorities considered Robert R. Card as armed and dangerous. The law enforcement asked the public to contact them about Robert Card’s whereabouts.

What did the Robert Card Maine Family say about this incident?

According to the family members of Robert Card, he is an Army reservist. Robert R. Card is a 40-year-old firearms instructor. He is also a longtime Army Reserve member. Katie Card, the sister-in-law of Robert R. Card, informed law enforcement that Robert was experiencing an acute mental health issue before 25 October.

Once the family members of Robert heard about the Robert Card Victims, they told NBC News that Robert started hearing voices around him. Katie Card also mentioned that Robert suddenly started believing everyone was against him. Katie refused to discuss whether they tried to restrict Robert Card’s access to firearms. Bryce Dubee, an Army spokesperson, said that the Army did not train Robert Card as a firearms instructor.

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Was Robert Card Caught?

The Lewiston Police Department is still searching for Robert Card. However, they could not find any traces of Robert R. Card. Immediately after two shootings in Maine’s second-largest city, Lewiston, the Lewiston Police Department began to search for Robert Card.

According to Bryce Dubee, in December 2002, Robert enlisted in the Army Reserve. Robert had no combat deployments. But the Robert Card Manhunt news is indeed shocking for everyone. Clifford Steeves, a former colleague of Robert Card in the Army Reserve Unit, informed the media that Robert Card never saw combat. A retired FBI agent, Rob D’Amico, said in a statement that Robert Card’s knowledge of weapons made him more dangerous.

Who is Robert Card Girlfriend?

According to some sources, an ex-girlfriend of Robert R. Card has a connection to one of the shooting locations. The police department took this information as a hint. You can also check our “Social Media Links” section for recent updates about Robert Card.

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Robert Card, mass shooting suspect, identified as a conservative.
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According to some Twitter posts, the Robert Card Massachusetts case is solved. The Lewiston Police Department found Robert Card at his residence in Bowdoin, Maine. However, we need to wait until the official statement has been released. Click here to watch what the neighbor says about Robert Card.

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