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[Watch Video] Ritu Banawat Viral Video And Mms: Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter!

The article will give details on Ritu Banawat Viral Video And MMS and the clip Viral On Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter.

Have you come across the latest viral video of Rajasthan’s MLA, Ritu Banawat? The viral MMS has spread all across India on various social media platforms and has gathered people’s attention due to the explicit video that is applied to her name. 

In this article, we will find out more about the Ritu Banawat Viral Video And Mms and know the details of the footage. Stay Tuned.

Details of Ritu Banawat Viral Video And Mms

Details of Ritu Banawat Viral Video And Mms

Ritu Banawat currently grabs people’s attention due to the deep fake video that is widely circulated all across the country on various online platforms. Ritu is an Indian politician and has come under the trap of technology misuse and privacy breaches. 

It is reported that the video is spread on TikTok as well. Still, as the Indian government has banned the usage of online platforms, we do not know whether the video is actually present on the platform or is just a hoax. The internet is currently buzzing about the scandal that has put her in LimeLight.

Is the video Viral On Reddit?

The deep fake video was shared on various social media platforms and has continued to circulate on the internet for the last five days. We are not sure whether the video has been uploaded on Reddit as there is nothing publicly related to the explicit content concerning her.

Is the video Viral On Reddit

There are many Telegram channels that people have searched for to get the link to the viral deep fake video scandal, but nothing has been reported yet. Ritu, on knowing about the viral video and MMS, has written a complaint against the person who committed the crime. 

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Availability of Links on YouTube

People have been searching on YouTube for the viral video link, but due to the inappropriate content, the deep fake video is not available. However, there have been some news channels that have reported the entire matter on YouTube, and people interested can search for those links and find the details.

Availability of Links on YouTube

There has been a continuous Buzz on Twitter regarding the viral video and how it has violated the privacy of the politician and put her in an obscene situation. Several legal interventions have been carried out since the viral video started doing rounds on the internet. 

People’s reaction on Twitter regarding the video

People have demanded strict action against such criminals who misuse technology and commit such heinous crimes. The viral MMS has vastly affected Ritu. It has also created awareness regarding safeguarding the use of the internet and how important it is to protect privacy. 

We came to know that the video was Viral On Reddit, but all those accounts that shared such extreme content have been banned, and their accounts have been seized. It is important to note that the circulation of such content leads to legal procedures. 

Social media links

Reddit- Link is unavailable.

Twitter- Link is not present.


The details of the Ritu Banawat Viral Video And MMS are mentioned in this post. People have called out the officials to take strict measures against the individuals who are behind such crimes. The incident has implicated the need for a joint effort to raise voices against such crimes. The information about the viral video is present online for people who are unaware of the incident.

What are your thoughts on the viral deep fake MMS? Comment below. 

Disclaimer- We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

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