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Rita Daniela Husband: Who Is Her Boyfriend? Know About Her Partner For Pregnancy? What Is Her Age? Curious To Know About Father? Checkout Details Here!

The below post will give you an overview on the Rita Daniela’s life and facts for Rita Daniela Husband and her pregnancy being discussing on the social media.

Do you know Rita Daniela, a famous Filipino TV artist? Have you heard about the pregnancy news she shared online with the fans? If not, we will provide you with specific details related to Rita Daniela and her life history through this post and discuss why she has recently been in discussion among internet users. 

Rita is a very popular star in the Philippines and Canada. Read the blog carefully to learn more about Rita Daniela Husband and other life details. Check out the below contents of the article to know more.


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Who is Rita Daniela’s Husband?

The media reports claimed that person to be unknown. Rita has been very secretive about her private life, especially her Partner with whom she is in a relationship nowadays. The rumors about her husband spread throughout social media after she announced her Pregnancy and shared the baby’s ultrasound pictures. 

People online started speculating and guessing about who the person was, but Rita did not publicly disclose the name of her Partner.

In an interview with a media house, Rita expressed her unwillingness to disclose the baby’s father’s identity because he is not a TV personality but rather a private person. For more details, refer to the links given below.

Who is Rita Daniela, and why is she trending on social media platforms? 

Rita is a 27 years old popular TV entertainer. Rita has worked in several shows as an actress; the recent one was My Special Tatay, which grabbed the most limelight. People started speculating about their relationship upon seeing Ken Chan’s and Rita Daniela’s chemistry. 

Still, Chan denied all the claims about being her Boyfriend and said they were very good friends and nothing more than that.

What was Rita’s statement about her Pregnancy?


What was Rita's statement about her Pregnancy

As per media reports, Rita stated that this Pregnancy was not at all planned, but she has taken it as God’s gift to her, and she is very excited and nervous at the same time. Rita has been sharing every update related to her baby on her account. 

Further, Ken supported his coworker and friend on her Pregnancy by sharing a social media post.

Rita Daniela Wiki:

  • Name: Rita Daniela De Guzman Iringan
  • Age: 27
  • Father: Red Valdez.
  • Mother: Rosanna Iringan.
  • Date of birth: 15th September 1995.
  • Profession: Singer, actress, performer, TV artist, host, and songwriter.
  • Height: 5ft 4 inches. 
  • Net Worth: $3-5million

Social media handles of Rita Daniela:

The Last Words

The fact is that Rita Daniela is not married yet, but she has been in a relationship with this person for a long time. Rita stated that she decided not to disclose the baby’s father’s identity.

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Rita Daniela Husband: FAQs

Q1. Who is Rita Daniela? 

Rita is a well-known TV personality Who worked as an artist, host, singer, songwriter, etc.

Q2. Who is Rita Daniela’s husband? 

The information is still unknown by the media sources because she has kept her relationship very private.

Q3. Are Rita Daniela and Ken Chan in a relationship? 

No, they played an onscreen couple in the series My Special Tatay, but besides that, they are just good friends.

Q4. Is Rita Daniela pregnant? 

Yes, in June, Rita announced the news of her Pregnancy through her social media account.

Q5. Who is her grandfather? 

Rita is the granddaughter of the late Filipino singer and actor, Teroy de Guzman. 

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