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Riquna Williams Wife Tatiana: Who Is Riquna Williams? Was She Arrested? Also Find Details On Net Worth, Girlfriend, And Salary

The article on Riquna Williams Wife Tatiana, details the WNBA player. Read to know more.

Who is Riquna Williams? Who is Williams’ wife and what happened to her? What charges does Riquna Williams face? The ‘Riquna Williams Wife Tatiana’ article might interest you if you also follow basketball. People from the United States who follow WNBA and sports, in general, were shocked to learn details about Riquna’s domestic violence case recently.   

Riquna Williams Charged with Felony

On Wednesday, the Las Vegas Ace’s player Riquna Williams was arrested on the grounds of domestic violence, which included; strangling, and hitting. On Wednesday morning, Aces’ player Williams appeared in the court for a hearing but due to ‘community ties’ she has been released on Bail. However, Williams is not allowed to meet her wife, util the next court hearing, which due in the coming week. 

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Background Details of the Violent Incident

As per the reports, when Williams’ wife told her that ‘she needs a break from their relationship, Riquna’s Partner started to pack her stuff. But she became violent, and as per the victim (Riquna’s wife’s identity has not been disclosed yet), she was strangled, hit, and thrown away by the aggressor. 

After almost an hour of violence, Williams left the house with the victim’s phone and bank cards. When Riquna returned home, an argument started again, and soon after that, she got Arrested by the Las Vegas police. Additionally, the victim has also alleged Williams’ being unfaithful.

More Details About Riquna Williams

It was not for the first time when Williams’ being accused of domestic violence. Because she has been accused of several felony charges in the past. In April 2019, she was accused of domestic violence and physically harming Alkeria Davis, Williams’ ex- Girlfriend. As per reports, she is facing multiple felony charges. 

Social Media Links 

Twitter Account Link

Williams is not active on Twitter and has just over 300 followers.

Instagram-Account Link

Riquna has 19 thousand followers and a verified account. Williams has uploaded 117 posts to date and follows 974 people. She joined the platform in May 2012. Riquna is active on Instagram.


The article details a WNBA player who plays for Las Vegas Aces, Riquna Williams. Riquna was detained on Wednesday for physically harming her wife. But after sometime, she was released on bail. Wish to learn more about Riquna Williams? click here

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Updates On Salary Of Riquna Williams: FAQs

Q1. Who is Riquna Williams?

A1. Riquna is a professional basketball player in WNBA for Las Vegas Aces. 

Q2. What happened with Williams?

A2. On 26th July, Riquna was arrested for domestic violence. She was accused of beating and strangling her wife. 

Q3. Did Williams get Bail?

A3. Yes, Riquna was released on Bail.

Q4. What is Riquna’s Net Worth?

A4. Riquna’s net worth is approx. 1 to 4 million dollars.

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