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Riley Gaines Video: Who Is Her Husband? What Is Trending On Twitter & Reddit Links? Read Complete Wikipedia Details Here!

The article discloses all the details about Riley Gaines Video and highlights the incident on the SFSU campus.

Have you watched the recent Riley Gaines video? People from the United States are shocked to come across the recent attack video on all social media platforms, and they are waiting for more details about the video.

We will update all the details of Riley Gaines Video in this article. Stay tuned to know all the updates.


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Updates on the video

College students attacked Riley Gaines while giving a speech on protecting women’s sports. She was forced to barricade for three whole hours by the protesters. The reason behind the attack is unknown yet.

The incident shocked many people, and the swimmer shared a video of the police officers taking her to safety after being attacked. She was locked up in a room after she was rescued safely by the cops, and from there, she shared a picture.

Is Riley Gaines Twitter account available?

Regarding the recent attack, Riley shared the video on her account and thanked the people with her and supported her. She also released other videos where the university staff and security block the protesters.

They used very abusive language, and they were supporting trans women. The reason behind the attack is unknown. She has posted on the account about the recent activity that took place on campus.

Riley Gaines Wikipedia

  • Full name- Riley Gaines 
  • Birth Place- California, America 
  • Birth Date- September 7, 2000
  • Nationality- American 
  • Profession- NCAA swimmer.
  • Marital Status- Married
  • Spouse– Louis Barker
  • Zodiac sign- Unknown 

Riley Gaines Reddit video

People can find the news on Reddit and come across the video of the attack by the Trans activists online. The incident was heartbreaking. We will update more on the video once we receive the updates.

The activists shouted that the cops could not free Riley in whichever case they tried. The incident came as a shock, as people cannot understand why Riley is being attacked.

 Who is Riley Gaines Husband?

Riley Gaines’s husband, Louis Barker, told Fox News that he had a conversation with her while she was barricaded, and she told him that a guy hit her various times in a dress.

The attack pisses off her husband, and he is demanding strict action against the protesters and the attackers. 

Social media links




Riley Gaines’s attack incident has become a topic of discussion amongst the people, and the cops say that they cannot reach her after the mob attack. 

What are your thoughts on the incident? Comment below.

Riley Gaines Video-FAQs

Q1. Who is Riley Gaines?

Riley Gaines is a former NCAA swimmer.

Q2. When did the attack take place?

The attack took place on Thursday, April 6 2023.

Q3. Where did the incident happen?

 The incident took place on the campus of San Francisco State University.

Q4. What did Riley Gaines say after the attack?

She said that she was physically hit by a man twice.

Q5. Who were the protesters?

The protesters were the Trans activists.

Q6. Where can we find the attack video?

People can see the video on social media platforms.

Q7. Is there any action taken by the authorities?

The authority is investigating to find out the reason.

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