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Riley Faith Obituary: Explore Riley Full Biography Along With Details Of Age, Parents, Net worth, And Height

The article explains Riley and her mission. Riley suffered from cancer and lost her life. The article lets People get to know Riley Faith Obituary.  

Did you hear the news of little girl Riely’s death? When she died, and what was Riley’s age? What did Riley start to do after knowing that she had cancer? Riley is from the United States. Know more information in the article by reading Riley Faith Obituary.   


What happened to Riley?

Riley was born on May 6 2016. Riley Faith is a courageous little girl who was only four when she was diagnosed with adrenal cancer. Despite numerous trials, chemotherapy, and medication, cancer relentlessly spread through her lungs and covered part of her liver. Her battle with cancer was incredibly painful for Riley. The Biography of Riley is below.

When Riley lost her life?

A heartbreaking announcement was shared on social media on Sunday, July 23, that Riley got relief from her pains. In the presence of her loved ones, she passed away peacefully at home. Throughout her life, Riley was loved by the family and will forever be remembered as Forever Seven. Their loss is deep, but they are comforted by the knowledge Riley is now with Jesus in heaven. Throughout Riley’s courageous fight, her Parents are inspired by her beautiful spirit and praise her strength. Their love for her will never diminish.

How old was Riley?

A 7-year-old girl’s family is in mourning after she fought her struggle with cancer on a Saturday. Her family reported that she was in great discomfort because it had grown in the lungs and surrounded part of her liver.


  • Name: Riley Faith
  • Age: 7 
  • Date of birth: May 6 2016
  • Died on: July 22, 2023
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Parents: Rachael Davie and Matthew Steep
  • Net Worth: not available

Riley had a soft spot in her soul for ill kids, and with the support of her family, she founded Riley’s Cosy Comfy Mission, which distributes gifts to kids with cancer.

Riley received the Order of the Silver Crescent from Governor Henry McMaster in recognition of her work. The esteemed South Carolina Award was created to honour outstanding service. Height Riley Faith Cancer is in an article.

After Riley’s cancer fight started, she fell into a passion for painting, and the previous year Renovation Church in Simpsonville staged a fundraising event to display her artwork. That evening, Riley’s masterpieces were all sold out.

When Riley’s grandma Tiffany Page turned to Facebook for help, the community immediately flooded in, giving the youngster cards and gifts from their numerous thousands of subscribers.

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As per online sources, Riley had had cancer for the past two years. Riley had severe pains, and she fought against it. On July 22 2023, Riley passed away at her home when she was with her loved ones. Get more details on Riley online.

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FAQ – Riley Faith Obituary    

Q1. What type of cancer does Riley Faith have?

Four adrenal cortical carcinomas

Q2. What was the mission of Riley?

The Mission of Riley was to help sick children.

Q3. What was the Age of Riley?

Riley was seven years old.

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