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The article contains the details on Ricky Recto’s death (Ex Vice Governor) and Ricky Recto Girlfriend.

Do you know who Ricky Recto is? Who was his girlfriend? Recently a former Vice-Governor of Batangas died at the age of 59. If you are interested to know all the details related to the case, read carefully. 

People in the Philippines and the United States have come to know about the passing away of Ricky Recto. Now they want to know details about a recent controversy that happened with him, involving Ricky Recto Girlfriend.


Cause Of Death

Ricky’s brother announced Ricky’s passing away in a Facebook post. Unfortunately, the cause of his death has not been revealed yet. He passed away on 5th December 2022, confirmed by his brother Ralph Recto (House Deputy Speaker) on 6th December 2022. 

Police have disclosed some details; Ricky’s body was found in his bedroom on 5th December around 6:00 P.M. Ricky was holding a pistol in his right hand, and he was sitting on a chair with a pillow resting on his chest. He was at his residence in Pasig City, Barangay Ugong. People are now searching for details about him on Wikipedia.

Ricky Recto’s Social-Media

  • Rick’s Facebook 

He is on Facebook with 1.2k followers and following two people. His Facebook page mentioned that he was a politician. He was regularly active on his page in 2019, but the latest post is about his passing away, and his brother posted it. 

  • Instagram

He was not on Instagram. 

  • Twitter

There was no account of Ex-Vice Governor Ricky Recto on Twitter.

Parent’s Details 

Ricky was from an influential family. Rafael Recto was his father. He was an assemblyman from Batangas. His mother was Carmen Gonzalez Recto. His sister Plinky Recto is a TV host and an actress. 

Ricky’s Girlfriend and Wife

Ricky was married, but details about his wife and kids are absent. It is said that he had a colorful life. In July 2022, his ex-girlfriend filed a physical assault case against him, and he was also arrested. 

He was arrested for having illegal firearm possession and Violence against children and women. But the identity of his girlfriend has never been revealed. She also accused Ricky of leaking photos of her private body parts. 

Biography And More Details (Wife, Nationality, and Net worth)

Full Name Richard Recto 
Nickname Ricky Recto
Date Of Birth Not known
Profession He was a politician and Former Vice Governor of Batangas City.
Wife Name  No details available
Birthplace Quezon, Philippines
Nationality Filipino 
Age 59
Education No details available 
Net worth Not known 

Ricky’s Profession and Education Details

He was a politician, but his educational background is not known.

Ricky’s Ethnicity, Religion, and Nationality

His nationality was Filipino. No details are present about his ethnicity and religion. 

Date Of Birth And Age

He was 59 years old, but his birthdate is unknown.

Links For Social-Media

  • Instagram: Not applicable 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter: Not available


The article on Ricky Recto Girlfriend explained the recent news about Ricky’s death and also elaborated on the case filed by his ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend accused him of assaulting her and leaking her private pictures. Click here to know more about the case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who was Ricky Recto?

He was the Former Vice Governor of the Batangas City. 

Q2. When did he die?

He died on the 5th of December, 2022.

Q3. Who disclosed his death news?

His brother Ralph Recto posted a note on Facebook to confirm that Ricky had passed away.

Q4. Who is Ricky Recto Girlfriend?

Her identity has never been revealed.

Q5. When was he arrested, and why?

He was arrested in July 2022 for violence against women and children. 

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