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Richter Belmont Family Tree: Check How Does He Related to Trevor, Details On Parents, Grandfather

This Richter Belmont Family Tree will give details about Richter Belmont Parents, Grandfather and some other topics.

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Richter Belmont Family Tree

The Belmont family tree contains the families of Belmont. It encompasses all the relatives in the traditional timeline. Richter Belmont is the descendant of Simon Belmont. There was also a rumor that Richter was the descendant of Gerhart. There is also a question about Richter Belmont Parents. His parents are Juste Belmont and Lydie Erlanger. There is still some ambiguity regarding the direct lineage of Richter. Trevor and Sypha are the distant ancestors of Richter. The direct details about the parents of Richter are not mentioned anywhere.

Who Is Richter Belmont?

Richter Belmont is known as the descendant of Simon Belmont. He is the main protagonist in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and plays the role of a Vampire hunter. He also appeared frequently as a supporting character. Richter Belmont Related to Trevor as a descendant. He is the distant descendant of Trevor. Despite showing a big family tree, the anime series focuses on Trevor. He is one of the early members of the clan. It is not very hard to find out how Richter is related to Trevor.

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Richter Belmont Father

The father of Richter is Juste Belmont. Although the parent of Richter is not so popular, he has been known as the descendant of Simon. Trevor is also related to him as a distant ancestor. Most of the gamers were confused regarding the parents of Richter. But it has been clarified now. Richter Belmont Grandfather has also come into the discussion. Simon is the grandfather of Richter. Although Richter is indirectly related to Trevor, he is not the direct ancestor of Richter.

Richter Belmont Mother

The mother of Richter Belmont is Lydie Erlanger. Lydie plays the role of a supportive character in the series. She was friends with Juste, and later, they got married to each other. Juste and Maxim were the childhood friends of Lydie. Later, both Juste and Lydie became Richter Belmont ParentsThey are more popular as the parents of Richter as he is the protagonist in the series. He also appeared frequently as the supporting character. Therefore, people were also interested in the parents of Richter.

The Details About Richter

People are inquiring about Who is Richter Belmont. The question is in the minds of almost everyone. Richter was a Vampire hunter. But he quit hunting vampires after the events of Symphony of the Night. People also wanted to know how Richter Belmont Related to TrevorSince Richter was a distant descendant of Trevor, there are not many details about their relationship. But it was clear that Trevor was the grandfather of Richter.

About Parents of Richter

Richter Belmont Father was Juste Belmont, who is the main protagonist of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. He belongs to the Belmont clan. Juste is considered powerful among family members for his magical talent. Richter Belmont Grandfather is Simon, who is the main protagonist of the original Castlevania. He is a popular vampire hunter from the 17th century. 

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Richter is a significant character in the Castlevania series. He is a popular character. Richter Belmont Mother and father have also gained a lot of importance due to the popularity of Richter. He is known as a popular vampire hunter in the whole series. To know more, please visit the link.

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