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Richard Lawson Likes On Twitter: Why Richard Lawson Twitter Likes Video Is Trending? Who Is His Daughter? Also Find Information On His Net Worth, Tweets, And Birthday

The article on Richard Lawson Likes on Twitter explained how the actor created chaos on the internet.

Who is Richard Lawson? Why is Richard Lawson trending on Twitter? Who is Tina Knowles? Why is Richard’s Twitter likes being a topic of discussion? If you are also wondering about the subject; Richard Lawson Likes on Twitter, read here for more details. People from the United States are currently enjoying themselves over Richard Lawson’s Twitter engagement; let us read the article to know more.

What Happened with Richard Lawson on Twitter? 

Recently, the veteran actor Richard Lawson liked some content on Twitter, and it became meme content. Because the content that Lawson wanted was explicit and mature, everyone could see the Tweets and videos he liked. 

But it appeared that Richard needed to learn that everyone could see what he liked on Twitter. Netizens started making fun of it and creating memes about the incident. At the same time, many were shocked to learn about the actor’s engagement on Twitter. Thus, Richard deactivated his Twitter account indefinitely after the unexpected turn of events. 

Disclaimer: Richard Lawson’s Twitter account has been deactivated as we write this article. Thus, his liked tweets are impossible to retrieve. 

Richard Lawson Net Worth & More

Richard is a veteran actor in Hollywood; he has been acting since 1971 and has been active as an actor. Richard was born on 7th March 1947 in California, U.S., at 76 years old. Richard’s net worth has been estimated at around 5 million dollars. He has been married twice, his first wife was Denise Gordy in 1978, and they divorced in 1989. Richard Lawson Daughter is Bianca Lawson from the first marriage. Richard has a talented son born in 1992 named Ricky. 

Richard’s Second Marriage Details

Richard married Beyonce’s mother, Tina, in 2015, and now the couple are getting a divorce. Tina filed divorce papers on Tuesday in Los Angeles, and on Wednesday, the world got the news of the couple getting divorced. After the announcement, Richard Lawson and Tina Knowles are trending on Twitter. 


In this article, we have discussed the veteran actor’s Twitter engagement and his private life. When Richard Lawson liked some explicit content on Twitter, his action became meme content for the netizens. Lawson and Tina are getting divorced; the news got out on Wednesday. To know more about Richard Lawson, visit here.

Did you see the videos Richard liked? Please comment below the videos Richard liked.

Updates on Twitter Likes Video Of Richard Lawson: FAQs

Q1. Who is Richard Lawson?

A1. Richard is a veteran actor from America.

Q2. Why did Richard deactivate his Twitter account?

A2. He deactivated his Twitter account because he liked some explicit content on Twitter, and people started making fun of him.

Q3. Is Tina Richard’s wife?

A3. No, as she filed for divorce, Tina is now Richard’s ex-wife.

Q4. When does Richard’s Birthday fall?

A4. Every year on 7th March, Richard celebrated his birthday.

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