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Rich The Kid NFT {Sep 2021} Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Want to get exciting rewards while minting in the sale? Then try your luck by purchasing Rich the Kid NFT. Read the content for the details.

Are you aware of the new NFT collection of a rich kid becoming popular in the digital world? Do you want to purchase the cartoon-styled NFT? Then here is today’s content highlighting the details of the Rich Kid.

Investors in the United States often look for new collectibles that can add value to their crypto, and it is why these are getting quite trendy in the crypto market.

The Rick kid NFT has started its minting on September 26, 2021. So, if you are excited to get access to it, let’s explore Rich the Kid NFT.

What is Rich the Kid?

Rich the Kid is a collection of more than seven thousand cartoon-styled blockchain baby asses. Being a random collection of dopiest drips, coldest ice and hood with a range of kicks, whips, fades and many more, it allows investors to explore to the fullest.

The holders of this NFT are also getting popular by the name ‘ Trust Fund Babies.’ A DAO awards the holders with free crypto, and NFT’s luxury goods.

Well, it has a lot to offer to its holders. But before accessing them, we need to gather more details of Rich the Kid NFT.

Founders of Rich the Kid

On evaluating the official website, we could not gather information about the CEO and founder of this NFT. Moreover, no details of the core team members are available till now.

As the minting of the NFT was started yesterday, there might be a chance that details regarding the founders will be shared soon. We recommend you wait for a while to capture the latest updates.

The community has brought a kind collection that introduces the boujee trust fund lifestyle to the spotlight.

Rich the Kid NFT – Price Chart

  •   Price on the minting day- 0.09 ETH
  •   Materials used in making Rich the Kid are generated programmatically with the use of basic accessories like hairs, skin, and background.
  •   Total collection of NFT – 7427
  •   Blockchain used – Ethereum blockchain as ERC – 721
  •   Reserved kids – 200 rich kids are reserved, which will be offered to the winners of competitions as a giveaway and sometimes it will be utilized in the airdrop.

So, these are some basic information about the latest NFT collection of random kids.

Roadmap of Rich the Kid

The roadmap of Rich the Kid NFT, will give us an idea of the project and planning done by the community to make it a popular NFT collection in the crypto market. Let’s have a look over it.

  •   On the mint day, the NFT collection was available at 0.09 ETH.
  •   20% of it was available for a pre-sale to the qualified members of the community.
  •   Moreover, the lucky winner of the presale was rewarded with a Rolex watch of $15k.
  •   The remaining collection i.e. around 80%, is accessible to the general public.
  •   Rich the Kid will be kept locked in State – Playpen.
  •   Rarity score will be easily viewed on OpenSea.
  •   The IG profile of Rich the Kid NFT, will be changed after one month.
  •   After every 30 days, the top 1% holders will get luxury goods.

How to buy Rich the Kid?

You can access it from the official website. Once you open its web page, there is an option to connect your metamask wallet. After it, one can get their cartoon-styled NFT easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Is Rich the Kid available on Discord?
  • Yes
  •   Can we buy the collection through mobile?
  • Yes, you can use mobile for minting.


Rich the Kid NFT, is the newest collection of NFT that brings luxurious awards for their holders. If you are curious to get them, learn How to Buy Cryptocurrency (2021) A Perfect Guide.

To get the latest updates, check out the Twitter Account of Rich The Kid.

What are your opinions about this NFT? Comment and share with us.

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