Ricegum Crypto 2021.

Ricegum Crypto (July 2021) Check The Details Inside!

Ricegum Crypto (July 2021) Check The Details Inside! >> Do you want to know about a Crypto that became quite a topic among social media influencers? Please refer.

Do you want to know why the name of Ricegum, a former member of Faze esports is in Crypto news recently? Why are members of e-sports under the fire of other YouTubers? To know details about the hot trending news, you need to read the below post.

Ricegum Crypto is the most searched topic over the internet in the United States right after he and a few of his friends promoted a Coin. Curious? Please keep reading.

Who is Ricegum?

The United States resident Bryan Quang Le, popularly known as RiceGum, is a passionate YouTuber and rapper, well known for his tracks and his online clash with other YouTube personalities. His channel has over 10 million subscribers and two billion views.

Why is Ricegum in the News recently?

One ordinary gamer posted 40-minute lengthy video presenting Esport team members, including Ricegum, FaZe Kay, and FaZe Jarvis.

Since then, Ricegum Crypto became hot news in the Crypto world. The video promoted an altcoin coin pump-and-dump scam to their fans. Right after the incident, everyone was caught and criticized by other YouTubers. 

What does the Video say?

The video titled “FaZe Clan and Ricegum Should Be Investigated by the Feds,” A person named Mutahar reveals evidence that FaZe Clan members, including RiceGum, stimulate new crypto, “Save The Kids Coin.”

They tweeted the coin would reach “to the moon.” Also, stated the part of your trading goes to children well fair and wellbeing as given on the coin’s website. Many criticized the tweet, and these promoting crypto are called pump-and-dump, which shares false information.

Since then, each tweet on Ricegum Crypto has been deleted, and all team members told the followers that the tweet is “only informative and not to take it as financial advice.” 

Let us know about the coin which is getting highly promoted by Social media stars. 

About Save the Kids Token

Moto of the token is ensuring an excellent future living. Save the Kids charges a 3% fee for each transaction, 1% of which is contributed to a Binance Charity, so it would help in projects that make children live a long and healthy life. 

So please stick to the token, the journey to the moon while serving children around us. While exploring more on Ricegum Crypto, we found the following details; please go through.

The current price of Save The Kids is $0.00131919 and a trading volume of $3,774 (24-hour). In the past 24 hours, KIDS price is down by -1.9%. 

Other Important Statistics of the Token

  • Contract: 0x7acf49997e9598843cb9051389fa755969e551bb
  • Market Cap: No Data.
  • Market Rank: No Data.
  • Max supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Trading Volume: $3,774.
  • 24h High/24 h Low: $0.00130060 / $0.00136462
  • 7day High / 7day Low: $0.00134159 / $0.00144939
  • All Time High: $0.00329554 -60.3% (Jun 12, 2021)
  • All Time Low: $0.00116247 12.6% (Jun 22, 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions on Ricegum Crypto 

  1. What is Faze Esports?
  2. It is a professional and entertaining esports firm whose HQ is located in Los Angeles. 
  3. What is the official website of Save the Kids Coin?
  4. The official website of the coin is https://savethekids.io/.
  5. Which is the most used exchanges for Save the kids token?
  6. The current and most used exchange for the coin is PancakeSwap (v2). For more details, visit here

End Note

This incident is not the first time that FaZe Clan has been charged for promoting crypto scams. We hope all the information given about Ricegum Crypto are helpful to you. 

What is your reaction to the entire story? Would you please do share it with us in the comment section below? Your words are appreciated. You can know common scams in crypto here and how to avoid them. 

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