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Ricardo Lopez Suicide Video Leaked: Is Ultimo Video On Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram

Ricardo Lopez Suicide Video Leaked on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram. Know details on his Ultimo Video Gore and his connection with singer Bjork.

Ricardo Lopez Suicide Video Leaked

Have you heard about Ricardo Lopez? Did you see his suicide video? Ricardo Lopez Suicide Video Leaked on the Internet. Though the case is several decades old, it is still discussed in the Philippines, United Kingdom, and other countries. The suicide video was leaked on the internet recently and people are finding the viral suicide video. Let’s see the whole details.

Ricardo Lopez Suicide Video Leaked 

Ricardo Lopez was a pest exterminator from America who committed suicide in 1996. In 1993, Lopez became highly obsessed with the popular singer Bjork. The Tiktok reports state that he started following her and collected details about her life. Ricardo used to write diaries about Ricardo López Bjork. In his diaries, he used to write about his feelings, embarrassment, inability to make a girlfriend, etc. The pages of the diary reached 803. 

On 12 September 1996, Lopez started filming a video in which he went to the post office to mail a bomb filled with sulphuric acid to Bjork. In the Ricardo Lopez Ultimo Video he stated that he is nervous but he would choose to kill himself rather than being arrested by the police. When he returned home he played Bjork’s song ‘I Remember You’ and shouted this is for you.

Ricardo Lopez Ultimo Video

Ricardo Lopez made the video of his suicide. He started the song sung by Bjork and as soon as it was completed he shot himself with a 38 Caliber revolver. He screamed in pain and his body fell to the floor and he started bleeding as per the viral Tiktok video. 

Some people have spotted the video on various social media platforms but later it got deleted. The video shows the full suicide video of Ricardo Lopez but now it is not available on Youtube and other platforms. Before committing suicide, Ricardo shoved his head, took out his clothes, and painted his face red and green as per a viral Instagram video. On 16 September, his body was discovered when a foul smell and blood coming from his apartment was spotted.

Ricardo López Bjork obsession 

In 1933 Ricardo Lopez was highly obsessed with singer Bjork. In his diary, Ricardo explained Bjork as his muse. He stated that the infatuation with Bjork gives him a Euphoric feeling. The Telegram information explains that he used to fantasize about inventing a time machine so that he could go back in the past and befriend Bjork. In Ricardo Lopez Gore video of suicide, he stated that he is not drunk or depressed and he knows what he is doing. Lopez in his diary stated that he could not have an intimate relationship with Bjork as he loves her. The whole case has become viral on Instagram and other platforms.

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Disclaimer: We have not published any sensitive video related to the suicide of Ricardo Lopez as it can harm anyone.

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, the viral video of Ricardo Lopez’s suicide is hardly available on any social media platform. The Ricardo Lopez Gore video shows suicidal content so it is removed from all the handles. Ricardo Lopez took his life on 12 September 1996 and now his suicide video is leaked. You can visit this page to learn more details on Ricardo Lopez.

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