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{Updated} Ricardo Lopez Bjork Twitter: Is The Suicidio Ultimo Video Rotating Online?

Here in this article, we deeply delve into a 27-year-old Ricardo Lopez Bjork Twitter suicide video that is getting popular on Twitter.

Do you guys know who the American pest exterminator is? Yes, the 21-year-old Uruguayan man Ricardo Lopez tried to kill the singer Bjork but ended up killing himself.

But presently, his suicide video is getting popular worldwide because of its brutality towards him. So here in this article, we are going to discuss the facts behind Ricardo Lopez Bjork Twitter news and more interesting facts about them in detail.

What is the Ricardo Lopez video all about?

Ricardo Lopez was a 21-year-old Uruguayan guy who was very obsessed with Icelandic singer and songwriter Bjork, who was a very popular person in the 1990s.

As Bjork dated a different racist man, Ricardo couldn’t take her decision, so he sent her a killing acid dispenser or acid bomb in the form of a promotional parcel. In the meantime, he decided to take his own life by shooting himself in the head. The most highlighting feature of the Ricardo Lopez Bjork Video is that Ricardo recorded his suicidal video on the day when he sent the sulfuric acid dispenser to Bjork.

The original version of the video is safely in the hands of USA police officials, but some people have released it on the dark net, and it is trending on the internet. But ironically, presently, those videos are not present on the Twitter platform. We can see many articles from Twitter and Reddit, but not the real Ricardo Lopez Bjork Video.

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Real Ricardo Lopez Suicidio Video Scenes

On September 12, 1996, Ricardo video graphed his suicide. In that video, we can see that Ricardo has covered his face in blue and black paint. And he shared some information in the video about how his fan-following moment took a wrong turn.

Then, after a few seconds, he took his gun and shot over his head. Then, the video clip ends with the shooting scene. 

Ricardo Lopez Suicidio Video is going viral on the internet because two documentaries have been released, namely The Best of Me and the video diary of Ricardo Lopez.

So, people usually have the craze, and these documentaries also show some real clips from the video which intrigued people to see the whole videos.

People’s reaction to Ricardo’s video

Currently, we can’t find his suicide video on social media platforms, but one year ago, the suicide video was everywhere on the internet. Some members of the public reacted and expressed deep distress over his condition after seeing Ricardo Lopez Ultimo Video.

 At the same time, the other people have heard the blood rushing about after he shot his head and how the blood has flown from his mouth, nostrils, head, etc.

Here the term ultimo refers to “the last ” video, so here in this section, we are going to discuss Ricardo Lopez’s last video on this earth. Sadly, Ricardo Lopez Ultimo Video was the last video he released related to his whole life.

And it happened in the year 1996. It has been 27 years since his suicidal video was released, but it was one of the deadliest videos till now.

Where can you see the video?

Ricardo Lopez Bjork Twitter Video is currently unavailable anywhere on the internet. Reddit’s platform has posted many articles, and even we could see the YouTube links to his videos. But sadly, this was not the real one; instead, it led to some other website.

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Thus, we learnt more details about the suicidal video and its availability. Suppose you want to see the original ones. In that case, it has become difficult as the videos have been removed from the internet databases, and we deeply request that you refrain from falling for any duplicate or spam websites when looking into this Ricardo Lopez Bjork Twitter Video. Here is the link to the Twitter platform where we can read about the details of Ricardo Lopez’s story. Bizarro Videos on X: “Dark History – Ricardo Lopez: The Tragic Story of the Bjork Stalker!

Here is the reddit link: Ricardo Lopez suicide tape.: MorbidReality (

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