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George Thacker, who is he? Why was he imprisoned? When did he pass away, and who made the announcement? Have you searched for any information about it? Did you learn anything about it? To learn more about it, see the article listed below.

Citizens from the United States are curious to learn what caused George’s death. Read Rhea County George Thacker to learn more about Thacker.    


When George passed away, and who confirmed it?

Family members informed Rhea Federal authorities that George Thacker, the previous county executive of Rhea County, had passed away in a jail cell. Lee Davis, his barrister, said: “That’s the same what was told to me, at least. I need proof, please.” According to family relatives, jail guards discovered the body of the longstanding head of the Rhea Local govt on Monday morning. As per sources, for misusing government COVID small business PPP financing, he received a 33-month jail term.

According to the Family, it was due to the wounds he developed from being attacked. Davis was interested in the specifics and setting of these awful incidents. Davis wrote in an email, “I had notified that Mr George Thacker has passed away in South Carolina.” Davis checked into how and why the person passed away.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, George Thacker, the former Rhea County executive, was found dead in federal jail on Monday, December 26. His ex- Wife of 38 years and a representative from Community Bank in Rhea County, which has promised to lend Thacker $500,000 to settle off the debts, were there in the courtroom to defend him.

When was Thacker prisoned?

The reason for death was not known as of Tuesday afternoon. After pleading guilty to one count of federal wire fraud, Thacker reported to federal prison nearly two weeks ago. Edgefield, South Carolina, is the prison in which he served his time. In April, when Thacker entered a guilty plea, George resigned as Rhea County’s executive. When he pleaded guilty, his Age was 59 years old. His first election to office was in 2010, making him the longest-serving county executive in Rhea County. During the pandemic, Congress passed the CARES Act to provide economic relief, and Thacker was accused of investing in cryptocurrency using loans obtained under the act. Earlier this year, Thacker was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison.

Court records state that Thacker made false claims when he said he would employ the money to pay staff and other operating costs. In addition, the Parents of George Thacker were not mentioned on any of the pages. As per court records, Thacker diverted the funds away from their planned use and instead utilized them to fill his wallets by, among many other things, purchasing bitcoin and supporting his savings and investments.

Jim Vincent, the current Rhea Area executive, calls Thacker a good friend and claims that many individuals in the county are in sorrow.


  • Name: George Thacker
  • Age: 59
  • Profession: Rhea County’s executive
  • Net worth: unknown
  • Parents: not known
  • Wife: Not known

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On Monday, December 26, George Thacker, former Rhea County Executive, passed away in federal prison, according to recent confirmation from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The reason for the death was unclear. Gather more detailsonline.

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George’s Biography – FAQ 

Q1. At what day did Thacker pass away?

On Monday, he passed away. December 26, 2022

Q2. Where did he pass away?

He passed away in a South Carolina federal prison.

Q3. Who gave the death announcement?

Officials from federal prisons confirmed.

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