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Revuto Token Price (Jan) Contract Address, How To Buy?

Revuto Token Price is not found, but this article below shares all the required facts and statistical details.

Several crypto tokens are launching every day in the market. Each of them holds uniqueness for one or another reason. Have you ever wondered about the token that can manage your subscriptions? 

Yes, a certain token like Revuto can manage all your connections. People in India and other countries show tremendous interest in OTT connections.

Before investing in any currency, the first step is to check all the important parameters like Revuto Token Price, predictions, safety, etc. So, stay connected to the article to grab information.

What is Revuto?

Revuto is the platform that can manage the payments for all subscriptions. In addition, it offers to convert the digital wallet into digital banks. The company’s main motive is to resolve the complications of payment and make it flexible.

Founders’ Details of Revuto

There is a big and devoted team behind the project. Vedran Vukman is the CEO of the team, Josipa Majic as the strategy and communication incharge, Marko Rukonic as CTO, Boris Juric as COO, Dorijan Jelincic as well CTIO and many more members.

The official site shares all the pictures and names of the team.

Revuto Token Price 

The current price of Revuto is $ 0. Currently, no exact trading data is available on the internet, clearing out the price of the token.

Revuto Price Prediction

Prediction for the token is different for various sites like Netflix, Tesla, Facebook, Apple, etc. The data for the following companies are as follows. 

Year 2023

  • Apple – $0.00065
  • Facebook – $0.00065
  • Amazon – $0.00096
  • Netflix – $0.00073
  • Tesla – $0.001052

Year 2024

  • Apple – $0.00093
  • Facebook – $0.00091
  • Netflix- $0.00115
  • Amazon – $0.002019
  • Tesla – $0.00238

Market Cap and Supplies

After acknowledging Revuto Token Price, other essential facts and figures are also important.

  • Market cap – no data
  • Market rank – 6,076
  • Trading volume – no data
  • All time high – $ 0.00369
  • 24-hour volume – no data available
  • Total supplies – not mentioned 
  • Maximum supplies – 280,125,000
  • Contract Address – 94cbb4fcbcaa2975779f273b263eb3b5f24a9951e446d6dc4c135864.REVU

The token allows paying for 3 or 4 subscriptions every month, according to research. 

How to Buy Revuto Token?

While researching, we have found that the token is not available for trading. Therefore, the only motive is to pay for applications and use them. 

This is the only reason for the missing data of Revuto Token Price. But the official site of Revuto shares the steps to use the platform:

  • Visit the official site and redirect to other sites.
  • Sign in or create the account.
  • Enter the details and add ADA.
  • Verify the email id.
  • Complete the KYC.
  • And wait for the rounds to start again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the official site of Revuto?
A1. https://crypto.revuto.com/

Q2. Where can you get details for trading?
A2. The details for Revuto are available on various platforms like Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Coin ranking, etc.

Q3. What is the probable Revuto Token Price still 2025?
A3. $ 0.00165 is the predicted price.

Although data is not updated yet but still you can check updates on the Coinmarketcap.

The Bottom Line

The article shares all the required details collected by research about Revuto. The platform could be helpful to manage the expenses for the subscriptions. 

Yet the missing data shows the token is only for payment service over India and other several countries. So, you can use it as per the requirement, but all the decision is yours.

Do you use such platforms for payments? Do you find it useful? Are you aware of Revuto Token Price? Please share your opinion in the comment section below. Also, learn here about the common crypto scams and how to avoid them.

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