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Reverse 1999 Voice Actors: Details On Protagonist, Code Redeem, Reroll Tier List, Wiki!

The Reverse 1999 Voice Actors and Protagonist list is here. Check the Code Redeem process, Reroll Tier List, and Wiki.

Do you love to play anime games? If you are an anime game lover, you must have heard about the Reverse: 1999 game. It is a Worldwide trending gacha game. Anime lovers will be amazed to know that many voice actors from the best anime series and video games are involved in Reverse: 1999.

Anime lovers declared Reverse: 1999 as the most hyped gacha game. Let’s read the article to find out Reverse 1999 Voice Actors.

Who are Reverse 1999 Voice Actors?

Vertin- Natsumi Takamori

Medicine Pocket- Hanae Natsuki

Regulus- Nozomi Yamato

Nick Bottom- Fumiya Sato

X- Shunichi Toki

Druvis III- Yui Ishikawa

Sonetto- Shu Uchida

3NMa- Kento Ito

Schneider- Aoi Yuuki

Sotheby- Miku Ito

Bette- Maki Kanzaki

Ms. Moissan- Riko Kohara

TTT- Tomomi Jiena Sumi

Sputnik- Yuko Toba

Ms. Radio- Kazami Odashima

Eagle- Ruriko Noguchi

A Knight- Shō Hayami

Poltergeist- Ryoko Maekawa

Leilani- Yuki Tachibana

Door- Sakuma Shimizu

Constantine- Atsuka Tanaka

Oliver Fog- Takume Nagatsuka

Necrologist- Shion Wakayama

Erick- Chiemi Tanaka

Mesmer Jr.- Haruka Kudo

Pavia- Yukihiro Nozuyama

The Fool- Kyosuke Nitta

Mondlicht- Risa Tsumugi

According to the Reverse 1999 Wiki, other voice actors are also involved in the Reverse: 1999 game. Here’s the list-

Bunny Bunny- Ari Ozawa

Cristallo- Aimi

Louise- Suzuka Kamitaka

Rabies- Katsuhisa Takagaki and Anna Mugiho

Satsuki- Nao Toyama

ONiON- Kaede Horikawa

La Source- Kazuka Yuzuki

Eternity- Fariouz Ai Kodota

Balloon Party- Inori Minase

Charlie- Satsumi Matsuda

aliEn T- Anjo Fukuhara

Sweetheart- Rie Tanaka

Matilda Buanich- Ayasa Ito

MadamZ – Liyuu

Lisa- Suzuka Kamitaka

John Titor- Mai Konishi

Darley Clatter- Kouhei Yada

Tennant- Chiaki Takahashi

Baby Blue- Aya Suzaki

Arcana- Ami Koshimizu

An-an Lee- Ayane Sakura

Lilya- Eri Kitamura

Centurion- Teru Ikuta

Bkornblume- Reina Ueda

Forget Me Not- Junichi Suwabe

Dikke- Ayako Kawasumi

Click- Kōki Uchiyama

Ms. New Babel- Maaya Uchida

Reverse 1999 Protagonist or Star Character List:

Regulus – A six-star unit.

37 – A six-star component.

aliEn T – A three-star character.

APPLe – A four-star protagonist.

Baby Blue – A five-star unit.

Blonney – A five-star component.

Charlie – A five-star character.

Erick – A four-star protagonist.

Lilya – A six-star unit.

Matilda – A five-star character.

Oliver Fog – A four-star unit.

Sputnik – A three-star unit.

The Fool – A three-star unit.

Tooth Fairy – A six-star protagonist.

TTT – A four-star unit.

Voyager – A six-star unit.

Reverse 1999 Code Redeem Process:

  • Download the Reverse: 1999 game and head to the “main lobby.”
  • From the bottom of the lobby tabs, click on the “drop-down bar.”
  • In the appearing window, select the “Settings” option.
  • Now, search for the “Exchange code” option.
  • Next, enter the code (ENTERTHESHOW, 1999GIFT) in the mentioned box.
  • Finally, tap on the “Confirm” button to get the reward.

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Reverse 1999 Reroll Tier List:

Without creating multiple accounts, players can now perform rerolls. A few characters in the Reverse: 1999 game are worth rerolling. These characters are- Eternity, An-an Lee, Charlie, Voyager, Lilya, Bkornblume, Balloon Party, Centurion, Medicine Pocket, and Regulus. You can also check our “Social Media Links” section for recent updates.

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Summing Up:

According to the Reverse 1999 Wiki, this famous gacha game was released in Mainland China on 31 May 2023. The developer and publisher of the Reverse: 1999 game is Bluepoch. Gamers can enjoy the game on PC, Android, and iOS devices. Click here to watch the first look at the Reserve: 1999 game.

Are you interested in playing the game? Please comment.

Disclaimer: We are strictly against spreading rumors and fake information. All the information mentioned here is genuine and only for educational purposes.

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