Six Ways to Improve Your Restaurant’s Business Model

Six Ways to Improve Your Restaurant’s Business Model: Tips for Maximizing Revenue

If you have ever toyed with the idea of opening your own restaurant but have been frightened to do so due to the well-known statistics around such an enterprise, then 2022 might be the right year to finally get your dream off the ground.

The hospitality industry, and specifically restaurants, bars, and cafes, suffered a great deal during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of them were shut down across the US, and that has, in some ways, left an opening for those that have survived and new ventures that may be planning on entering the market.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the restaurant industry was booming, and the act of going out to eat was proving more and more popular. In 2022 and beyond, the experience may become something more of a luxury, and those that want to make a real dent in the market will need to have something very special to offer their clientele.

Being able to make a success of your restaurant business takes a great deal of hard work, but perhaps even more importantly, you’ll need to be able to run your endeavor prudently, and with that in mind, here are some ways to help maximize your business’s revenue.

Offer a Bespoke Takeout Menu

During the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurants that had a strong takeout service were the ones that really thrived, as well as those with plenty of outdoor areas. Now your takeout service needs to be more than just an afterthought. 

The costs to make your takeout offering as good as it can be will always lead to better turnover than the revenue accrued from those who dine in your restaurant. That’s because you negate other costs, including the staffing. If you can leverage this, you can help increase your bottom line.

Your takeout menu should be top of the line and arguably could even be a bespoke menu that offers customers different dishes from those that you might serve at your restaurant.

Incentivize Your Staff

Never underestimate the importance of good staff. A restaurant with poor waiting staff will suffer immensely in the long run. As diners return to restaurants, they want the very best when it comes to the treatment they receive, and if you incentivize your staff, and that might come in the form of good pay and conditions, then you can be sure your customers will feel the benefit.

Similarly, in the kitchen, if things work smoothly, then you can produce food faster and increase turnover on your tables, which again will help you to maximize revenue and also please customers who don’t want to be left sitting in your restaurant furniture for lengthy periods as their food is being prepared.

Use Promotions to Help Boost Sales

Offering regular promotions and deals to customers, especially in relation to drinks, can be a great way to top up your revenue. Look to gear your menu around a schedule, offering new ideas creatively so as to build interest in certain items, those which have the best profit margin. 

Pushing these online is also a good way to give your restaurant exposure and helps keep your establishment current, and if these are constantly changing, you may help breed loyalty with your diners.

Buy Local

Across the world, prices are rising, and this is very evident when it comes to the transportation of goods. You can help keep these costs down by buying your ingredients locally, and you can even make this a selling point all of its own.

For instance, consider partnering with a nearby business in a farm-to-table endeavor that could give your restaurant a more sustainable feel, which can help attract a more discerning type of customer who greatly appreciates environmentally sound moves. 

As well as cutting costs related to bringing your food to your eatery you are also reducing your restaurant’s carbon footprint.

Stick to a Marketing Plan

This is especially relevant to new restaurants but also key to those that have been running for a while. Plan, plan and plan again. Don’t leave anything to chance. Build a marketing plan and stick to every little detail.

Do a regular stock check and see what’s working and what’s not. Be very direct and transparent with your choices, and make sure anyone else involved in the running of your business is similarly clear-cut. You can not afford to take your eye off the ball for one moment.

Customer Satisfaction

The single best way to maximize profit is to never have a free table open. If you keep your customers satisfied, then they’ll return again and again. The phrase, “The customer is always right,” may be a tad old and worn, but it’s 100% accurate.

If your restaurant treats its customers well, and that’s from the moment they walk in (or make a phone call to place a takeout order or visit your website) until the second they leave, then you stand a good chance of making a success of your restaurant. It really is that simple.

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