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Req Crypto Price Prediction {Aug} Chart, How to Buy?

Explore Req token that can empower the digital network by taking minor fees from the users and also knows Req Crypto Price Prediction.

Do you want to invest your money in the crypto token that can ensure good performance and stability? Well, it is what every investor demands while putting their money in crypto tokens. So, we are here with today’s article that shares the details of the Request Crypto coin. 

Investors in the United States want to rely on platforms that can easily make payments without any artificial barriers, but every crypto coin does not offer this benefit.

To know whether Request coin can offer such advantages, let’s explore Req Crypto Price Prediction.

What is a Request Coin?

Request Network is an Ethereum based platform that allows users to request payments and get money in their account through safe and secure methods. So to ensure the performance and stability of this well-structured platform, the Req token was introduced in the crypto world in 2017. 

Being a utility token removes the interference of third parties and makes it a widely used platform that provides payment solutions that can work with all global currencies. 

Getting the details of the platform might generate curiosity to know Req Crypto Price Prediction. Stay tuned with us to know further details.

Founders of the Request Coin

Christophe Lassuyt and Etienne Tatur are the two persons who found Req token. Being working as a chief financial officer at Request, Christophe has founded the Moneytis.

Even Tatur has also co-founded the Moneytis, and presently, he is the technical officer of the platform. However, Request has partnered with Coinbase, Binance, Kyberswap, Bancor Protocol and many such trusted platforms to give the holders an open market to trade.

Before knowing the details of Req Crypto Price Prediction, let’s check the price chart of the token.

Price chart of Request Coin

  • Price – $0.3575
  • Variation in the price within 24 hours – $0.1254
  • Trading volume – $166876161.90
  • Volume – 0.4654
  • Market rank – 147
  • 24h low /24h high – $0.2268 / $4027
  • Market dominance – 0.02%
  • Market cap – $358,555,347.84
  • All time low – $0.004651
  • All time high – $1.18
  • Total supply – 999881816 REQ

Live Price of Request Coin

The current price of the token is $0.358598. The value is high up to 55.50 % in the last 24 hours. Whereas with a maximum supply of 99983984 REQ, 999881816 has been circulated.

Req Crypto Price Prediction

The prediction done by the crypto forecast proves that the coin will increase its price in the future, thus leading to a profitable investment. The coin will raise its value to two times the current value in the coming year. 

Moreover, holders will observe that the highest price of the coin in future will be $1.77, whereas the coin’s price in the next seven years will be $1.68.

How to buy Request Coin?

  • Set up your account on Binance.
  • Purchase bitcoin to perform exchanges.
  • As you are aware of Req Crypto Price Prediction so it will be pretty easy to start your trading.
  • Fill in the contract address of the coin and the amount of bitcoin to be exchanged.
  • At last, swap to add REQ in your wallet.

You can access the token by following the steps mentioned above. But before purchasing the coin, every investor must be aware of the Profile Summary and Transfers of REQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the contract address of REQ?



So, by sharing Req Crypto Price Prediction, we concluded that this crypto would offer you profits in the future. Therefore, you can purchase it from any trustworthy crypto trading platform.

What are your views about the benefits that Request Network offers? Comment and share with us.

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