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Report Scam Text Australia: How to Report this Trending Message Fraud? Check Details!

People receiving fraudulent text messages can read Report Scam Text Australia post and know the step-wise method of reporting it to the authorities.

Have you received a scam text message recently on any of your communicating devices? Do you know the method of reporting fraudulent text messages in countries like Australia? The fraudulent message from scammers is also causing monetary loss to people in United Kingdom and the United States.

The scammers’ modus operandi are the same in these developed countries, and they mostly target customers of bigger enterprises. Report Scam Text Australia has shared details of this fraud and its reporting method.

Disclaimer: The article is based on an internet investigation and has informative content for the digital audience. It does not intend to promote any incident, event or product through this blog. 

Australian Post Text Message Fraud:

A recent text scam that surfaced in the country is causing substantial monetary loss to Australians. Some reports suggest that Australian citizens lost around $ 100 million to scammers in 2022-2023. The scam figure increased by 35 per cent over the same period last year.

The scammers are targeting the customers of the Australian post office by sending them emails, text messages and links. The text message asks people to arrange alternate delivery options for their parcels or packages.  

Recognize and Report Scam Text Message:

The Australian government is greatly concerned by the scam text and its impact on the financial health of its citizens. The cybercrime department of the country has stated some steps that people should follow in recognizing and reporting this fraud. 

  • Some common scams in the country are dating, delivery, text, and investment.
  • Check the authenticity of the text message by visiting the legitimate portal of the given department or country.
  • Call the customer service of the given company and inquire about the received message.
  • Do not click on the suspicious link or reply to the message.
  • Report the text scam to scam watch.

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How to Report a Scam Text?

The reporting of every scam is important as it will give a lead to the cybercrime team, and they can catch the scammer. The Australian Cyber Security Centre web portal allows the individual to register the fraud on its website. 

  • Go to the ACSC website; the link to the site is mentioned in the Social Media Link section.
  • Read all the precautionary messages given on the home page of the website.
  • Click on the Go to Report cyber link.
  • People facing immediate harm can call 000.
  • They can click on the pink box and get other support numbers like the police assistance line or crime stopper line to Report Scam Text Message.
  • Select the type of entity reporting the text scam.
  • Confirm that the issue is not urgent. Write your concern in the give box, and click the send button.
  • Complainants can check the status of their scam report by using their CIRS number and clicking on the light green box.

Post Text Message Fraud on Social Media Sites:

A post in the Australian community of Reddit inquired about a message and internet link two months ago. The Reddit user wanted to know the legitimacy of the link and message as one of his relatives received the scam text message. He also asked for ways to Report Scam Text Messages to the authorities. 

This Reddit post attracted netizens’ attention with 14 comments, most accepting the text message and associated link as a scam.

Social Media Links:

Legitimate or scam?
by u/marzbar- in australia

Final verdict:

The Australian authority has received over 130,000 scam reports this year, 10% of the fraud resulting in financial loss. People receiving the post office scam text message can report the matter to or call the support number given in the ACSC web portal.

Do you receive scam text messages regularly on your mobile device? Please comment.

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