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Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Scam: Explore The Legitimacy Of The Site

Uncover the complexities of Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Scam or Legit—Analyses of case details and scammers exploiting unsuspecting victims.

Did you know that no third party can offer an additional settlement amount related to Apple’s Replacement Device Lawsuit in the United States? It is because the settlement amount depends on the Court’s directives. Let’s check if the Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Scam or Legit as such third parties never dispatched cheques to class members!

About Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Scam:

Approximately from quarter-1 of 2023, people started receiving settlement cheques of $14.45 from Apple Inc. The cheque had a validity until May/2024. What a golden opportunity for scammers who started sending snail mails, calling, and emailing class members offering additional refunds!

About Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Scam

The fraudsters requested the customer’s personal and payment details to process the additional amount⚠️. This issue got social media attention on TikTok and Reddit, making them trending posts! Evidently, no class members received the promised additional amount❗️

However, the details of contact numbers, physical addresses, or email from which such communication was received were not discussed online by the class members who became the victims.

About Case No. 3:16-cv-04067-WHO, and Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Legit:

If you bought AppleCare+ for an iPhone or iPad after 20/07/2012 and got a refurbished replacement device, you might be part of a lawsuit named Maldonado v Apple Inc., ET AL.

The United States District Court for the Northern District of California granted final approval for a settlement against Apple Inc., AppleCare Service Company, Inc., and Apple CSC Inc. The case involves extended service plans like AppleCare+ and its predecessor, AppleCare Protection Plan.

About Case No. 316-cv-04067-WHO, and Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Legi

Under these plans, when customers sought service for a covered iPhone or iPad due to defects or damage, Apple Inc. promised to either repair or replace it with a device “new or equivalent to new.” Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Scam plot is given in below sections. Plaintiffs argue that remanufactured devices offered as replacements do not meet this standard.

Plaintiffs accuse Defendants of breach of contract, violating warranty acts, and California’s Unfair Competition Law. Defendants deny wrongdoing, and the Court didn’t make a final judgment. ✅If you received a payment but think it’s wrong, contact the claims administrator at 1-888-506-5974.

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Important dates:

Date Citations
16-09-2019 A legal case (No. 317-cv-04947-EMC) accused Apple of replacing iPhones and iPads with refurbished devices under AppleCare+, sparking a class action lawsuit. More about Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Legit in below sections.
30-09-2021 A settlement was reached, compensating eligible class members who received refurbished devices under AppleCare+.
04-03-2022 Deadline for expressing objections to the settlement.
04-03-2022 Deadline for opting out of the settlement.
27-04-2022 The final Fairness Hearing is scheduled for 2:00 PM
29-04-2022 Final Approval was granted for the settlement.
15-08-2023 Court approves $48.8 million in attorneys’ fees for lawyers securing the settlement for class members.
15-11-2023 Stipulation and Order regarding the Second Distribution.
20-12-2023 The deadline for submitting claims for settlement payments and verifying information has closed.
15-05-2024 Stale Date for Unclaimed Physical and Digital Payments.

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The Replacement Device Lawsuit Check Scam is about phishing attempts by calling class members, emailing them, or sending letters requesting PII and bank account details. The Replacement Device Lawsuit is authentic, and the cheques received by the class members from Apple Inc. are legitimate. If you come across any communication offering an additional settlement, you need to report it to FTC at

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Disclaimer: All the details based on online sources. We are not personally putting allegation on anyone. 

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