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Remote Viewing Codes (March 2022) Essential Facts!

Please read the news to learn about the Remote Viewing Codes regarding the perception of distant objects or people using mental abilities and pseudoscience.

Are you interested to know about telepathy? Do you believe that people can see something without using their eyes? Do you want to gain information about related experiments that researchers conducted regarding psychic processes? Then, please read this write-up to know all the required details.

In today’s composition, we have stated facts regarding a pseudoscientific process. People from various nations, including the United States and Canada, want to find out more about the experimentation. Thus, please continue reading to know the Remote Viewing Codes.

What is Remote Viewing?

As the name suggests, remote viewing refers to the process of perceiving a scene having a faraway location. It is one of the branches of pseudoscience that involves beliefs systems discordant with the laws of science. However, remote viewing has chances of fetching accurate results, as conducted by some people worldwide. 

In remote viewing, people have to visualize some target pieces of information through their minds. They use their mental abilities and jot down whatever thoughts they acquire on knowing the target. However, the prerequisite in a Remote Viewing Test is that they would first have to clean their minds of existing thoughts. 

Who are the Founders of Remote Viewing?

Two researchers in the field of parapsychology founded this technique in the Stanford Research Institute. They were Russell Targ, more famous for this subject, and Harold Puthoff. Both were the leaders of the Stargate project worth millions of dollars that the government of the USA sponsored in the 1990s. 

This research program was about deciphering documents about a secret military group. The aim of this project was to check if a Remote Viewing Test could be successful for the military and intelligence departments. However, without substantiating results, the government ceased funding the program in 1995.

What was the Public Acceptance of Remote Viewing?

The governments and researchers of many countries tried to establish facts using this method. This also included studying the brain activities of the remote viewers. However, most projects shut down due to the unavailability of satisfactory evidence. Even if the researchers could fetch accurate data, it was only with hints. Later, other researchers discovered that Targ and Puthoff also utilized cues to interpret the data. 

What are the Remote Viewing Codes?

According to our research, we found a video on YouTube with the channel name Cryptoviewing. Three remote viewers attempted jotting on blank boards some target information about the Hammurabi Code. This code is a legal text that was significant in the Babylonian Dynasty. The sixth king, named Hammurabi, wrote this code in Akkadian, a now extinct text. 

The remote viewers used a series of random letters and digits as codes. The first code was Q9T8-T4F1 to interpret the geographical features of Hammurabi. The second one was Y3K5- Y2U1, where the remote viewers tried sketching Hammurabi’s face. 


The information we researched regarding the Remote Viewing Codes correspond to decrypting the Hammurabi Code. However, the scientific and radical communities are skeptical about remote viewing and its results. Nonetheless, parapsychologists will continue experimenting with such projects.

Do you believe in perception through sixth sense? Have you witnessed it? Please share your views and experiences below.

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