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Redroad V17 – Grabs Gold Award At MUSE Design Award 2021

Have you witnessed the vital features of the popular Redroad V17? If not, then let us guide you about its entire details through this post.

Are you wondering about an awesome vacuum cleaner that has a Super Suction facility? Then let us provide you with the details about the same. 

In the United States, most people hunt for new technology products to save their precious time and effort. Moreover, some companies are continuously improving their products to enhance brand value. One such popular brand is Redroad, which has recently produced a wireless and multifunctional vacuum cleaner. So let us talk about it in this write-up. 

About Redroad 

Redroad possesses chief workers that have immense knowledge in providing first-class products. Moreover,  it has gained much popularity from the remote past after being honoured with trophies, including CMF DESIGN AWARD, G-Mark Award, Red Dot Award, iF Design Award IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) etc.

Most people get attracted to them because of their excellent technologies and craftsmanship. 

Also, Red Road creates products based on the natural connection of art and life to improve every home. 

Their major aim is to fulfil the client’s desire by providing them with attractive and manageable items. Therefore, it has recently evolved a new vacuum cleaner with several utilities, including dual motorized roller brushes. 

Wins MUSE Design Awards

Reports have revealed that MUSE Design Awards is one of the top award programs popular worldwide. Also, it is known for creative concepts and collaborating with several great brands such as Michelin and IKEA. 

It is a part of the MUSE Awards Program. The 46 jurors from 25 countries come forward to identify the best products based on several factors, including customer reviews, durability, etc. Furthermore, the show evolved in 2015 by International Awards Associate (IAA). It is recalled for its professional and accurate determination of top designers. 

Companies from different areas compete for this award, as it is regarded as a huge recognition that helps a brand flourish its products. Recently, a Redroad appliance, ‘Redroad V17‘, has been recognized as the best product that has received a trophy in this award program. 

What is The Product?

After its launch, the Redroad V17 vacuum cleaner is receiving more admiration from online buyers. Furthermore, the product has achieved a Gold Award for the best in-home appliance category of MUSE Awards, 2021. The sources have revealed that the cleaner has competed with about 35 thousand other brands and companies from more than 100 nations. 

Redroad V17 has an innovative and attractive design and body that can become the top brand. In addition, the high-quality materials have made this product even more worthy amongst the buyers. However, it unites quality, cleanliness, art and creativity, portraying the improved lifestyle. 

Many people liked the product since it has adapted boldness with a relatively supreme presentation and lowered noise. 

Product’s Features

Specifications  Analysis 
Suction capacity  A high suction capacity of 155AW restricts the entry of pollen, bacteria in the user’s respiratory tract. 
Powerful motor  The motor with 120,000/m power enables proper cleaning of the home. 
HEPA filters V17 is provided with activated charcoal filters that capture about 99% of harmful particles that may cause irritation, allergy, etc. 
Premium plastics The transparent materials embedded allow it to exhibit the appearance of a supreme item. 
Compressed moulds The moulds of 30μm offer the convenient handling of V17. 

Why is Redroad Popular?

The judges of MUSE awards have mutually announced that Redroad V17 possesses the overall best vacuum product with strong features. Moreover, they added an elegant design that evolved new ideas for creating compact and appealing home appliances. Also, the soundless features have added point that has increased its popularity tremendously. 

However, the other devices of Redroad have also embedded some important features which have increased their product’s standard. 

Team Behind The Brand 

The V17 was designed by the ‘Dream Team’ that has made it what it is today. About 12 vacuum cleaner specialists have produced this item based on customer needs. 

Moreover, the project manager of V17 has experience of 28 years which has manufactured almost 100 other vacuum cleaners and appliances. One of his top-selling North American brands has gained a record of 12 straight years. 

Also, the other members have 12 years of experience in customer handling, because of which Redroad has earned much respect. Its chief ID designer is amongst the top designers. In addition, 3 PhDs of British Columbia University have been invited by Redroad to produce various robotics systems. 

Wrapping It All

In this post, we have evaluated a well-known product Redroad V17 which has advanced technology, including low noise. Also, we have analyzed important facts of the MUSE Awards. This article has evolved the volunteers involved in constituting the ultimate product. 

What attracts you to the product? Kindly share your comments below in the box provided. 

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