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Reddit Pokemon Scarlet Violet: Explore Updated Game Walkthrough, Violet Co Op and Graphics Through Reddit Post!

This article delivered the information Reddit Pokemon Scarlet Violet. And also mentioned the new feature of the gameplay.

Want to get the details of the wonderful role-play games? Do you know Pokemon Scarlet role-plays video games? The Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet 2022 are Worldwide expecting game for video game lovers. In this article, you can get the ninth generation of the 2022 release of Reddit Pokemon Scarlet Violet. Continue reading the new version of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet role-play games. 


About the Pokemon role-playing game release

The Pokemon role-playing game was published by Nintendo and developers Game Freak. The Pokemon Company announced the release of the game on February 2022. But it was released the ninth generation’s first installment released everywhere on 18th November 2022. After many expectations from the game players, the Pokemon release received many comments on Reddit.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet – Gameplay

In the ninth release of Pokeman, Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have mostly the same Walkthrough gameplay method as the previous versions of Pokemon games.

The basic structure of the games is the same, where the video game players find Pokemon creatures. 

The game is mainly through trading and catching used to explore the world. And the fight with other Pokemon sneakers. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have to set the open world. It includes open wilderness and urban areas without the boundary. Additionally, this movement is up to the game players. 

Three routes of Pokemon

The Pokemon video game players can choose the routes as per their play. The Graphics design of the new game has three routes. There are Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends. Each route of the game covers the storylines in a different way.

What is new in Pokemon Scarlet Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet Violet introduces the new Terastal marvel. It gives a crystalline appearance to the Pokemon. And also Pokemon’s type change. It matches the Pokemon as Tera Type. And also unlocks Tera Blast’s special move. It is used by a Terastallized Pokemon and becomes the same type of move as the Pokemon’s Tera Type.

Violet Co Op Reddit 

Pokemon scarlet and Violet are about to be officially released, and how online co-op and local will work.

The online and local co-op fairs exist on a similar world map around each other. The game player can catch Pokemon in other players’ worlds too. 


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We conclude that the Pokemon player has Violet, and another player has Scarlet. It appears like both are exclusives and close to other. Picnics and Breeding are also possible on the Tera raid battles. For more Pokemon Scarlet violet games, use this link.

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Reddit Pokemon Scarlet Violet: FAQ

Q1. When is the new Pokemon version released?

It was released on 18th November 2022.

Q2. What is the new Pokemon release name?

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

Q3. What are the new features in the game?

Terastal marvel

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