The Truth About Red Light Therapy How Effective is It

The Truth About Red Light Therapy: How Effective is It?

Many people want to know is red light therapy effective or not. As many misconceptions imply that light therapy doesn’t work and has side effects, we are here to clear out the doubts. 

Red light therapy can heal your body naturally by boosting blood cells and healing production. It has emitting diodes that are adjustable to different wavelengths according to treatment requirements between 620 to 750 nanometers. 

This treatment aids in producing collagen production, inflammation, mental health and many more. However, this therapy is painless, noninvasive, has no side effects, and doesn’t provide heat sensation during the procedure. 

Therefore, this article mentioned what makes red light therapy so effective. Keep reading till the end. 

What Makes Red Light Therapy so Effective?

Red light therapy uses a low-lesser that penetrates through your skin to activate mitochondria, also known as an energy cell generator. This compound is essential in healing and lives in a molecule of adenosine triphosphate in your body. 

So, your body absorbs red light through tissues and produces healing cells. But, the safety of light therapy is that you must follow professional instructions accordingly. 

Production of Collagen

When the red light connects to your skin, it produces collagen production, vital to treat skin infections and acne problems. During the treatment, the RLT circulates the blood flow within skin tissues which aids in healing the skin swiftly. This therapy boosts your body’s energy to produce healing cells to cure scars, acne, wrinkles and redness issues. 

  • Hair growth

It contains low-lesser light and eliminates inflammation, which helps cure hair loss disease. It provides needed oxygen and nutrients for follicles to grow. And there are ample devices available that you can use for home usage.

  • Acne

To reduce the Vulgaris from the skin, you must use cold red light therapy to decrease inflammation and sebum from your skin gently. It kills bacteria from skin tissue that leads to the production of severe acne problems.

  • Wound Healing

It can deal with chronic wounds by producing new skin cells and creating blood vessel connections underneath your tissues. 

  • Anti Aging

It can give you flawless skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen production creates new blood cells that help smooth wrinkles and lines effortlessly. However, it worked swiftly on fine lines compared to deep wrinkle areas. 

Reduce Oral Pain

It can cure oral problems by treating microbes and harmful elements in your mouth. Dental professionals claim that red light therapy magically reduces ulcers, pain and inflammation in your mouth efficiently. 

  • Temporomandibular

This condition enables you to click the jaw and gives discomfort around your oral area. But this therapy can stimulate healing cells and improve motions by energizing the skin tissues. 

  • Periodontitis

The light treatment can fight any bacteria and infection, eventually killing plaque bacteria. But, this therapy requires other medicines during the procedure to cure completely. 

  • Burning Syndrome

Women suffering from postmenopausal can use this treatment as it has low laser light that decreases pain effortlessly.


The infrared light can spur cells to produce antioxidants swiftly, lowering inflammation. This treatment increases blood circulation, which can reduce such conditions without any supplements. 

  • Tendinitis

It can improve sports performance as it targets oxidative stress on muscles. The high potential exercise might lead to muscle strains, so red light therapy can heal them gradually. 

  • Osteoarthritis

If you are suffering from knee osteoarthritis, this treatment can benefit you within twelve weeks or more. It can cure disability and reduce knee pain, but this therapy is ineffective for severe knee injuries. 

  • Psoriasis

Red light therapy can heal moderate or mild psoriasis, known as autoimmune inflammatory condition. Yet, consulting with a dermatologist is best as most disease requires different light treatment for effective results. 

Aids in Mental Health

This therapy works marvelously to treat depression, SAD, and other mental health issues. Photobiomodulation therapy improves neurocognition by stimulating blood flow and oxygen to your brain. And it might help to lessen migraine pain gradually.

Moreover, it produces new synapses and neurons to reduce inflammation, especially if suffering from strokes or brain injuries. The red light therapy helmets are available in multiple online stores with proper instructions. However, to cure severe injuries, you must contact your doctor or professional. 

  • Alzheimer’s disease

The brain starts to lose memory due to oxidant stress, which is associated with your brain’s formaldehyde concentrations. And red light therapy can combat Formaldehyde to improve cognitive brain function to cure moderate to mild Alzheimer’s accordingly.

  • Control Anxiety 

Most people suffer from anxiety because of sleep deprivation and stress. So, it’s important to control anxiety attacks to prevent severe health conditions. Furthermore, this therapy can aid in resolving anxiety issues and provides better sleep. 

Eliminate Cancer treatment side-effects

Most cancer patients suffer from side effects or aftereffects of chemotherapy, such as soreness, infections, pain, and mouth bleeding. Indeed, red light therapy can prevent and aid in curing side effects without pain or any side effects. 

In addition, light therapy has a low-level laser that can activate and help with cancer treatment. Also, it has shown significant results in skin repair, making it entirely safe for use. 

Recover Injury

It is the safety of light treatment to apply on wounds directly to speed up healing, and it doesn’t hurt. This therapy can be recommendable for diabetic patients, as it takes long enough to heal wounds when you have diabetes. Treatment can improve cell function and encourage regenerated tissues to heal wounds naturally. 

Also, It can help you recover from chronic pain and lower back injuries as it generates the blood cells to produce healing compounds in your skin. It can reduce pain and help you recover faster after mild or severe oral surgeries.

Safe Therapy Sessions

In this therapy, you are provided with a safe, sound red light-emitting dot that doesn’t contain toxins. This therapy is different from other UV light sessions, for instance, tanning booths. 

Also, you must cover your eyes to protect them, or it might damage the tissues. The best option is to consult a doctor or dermatologist if this therapy is secure for your condition. 

Therefore, you must follow the instruction or use this treatment for the short term as it depends on the safety of light therapy and your skin. In case of severe knee pain you may try out Sensonica’s Vega Forte device, another non-invasive healing device for osteoarthritis pains. 

Bottom Line

Overall, red light therapy can take weeks or months to show improvements, depending on your health condition. Yet, is red light therapy effective in lessening pain and inflammation? Depending on your injury, mild injuries heal faster than severe ones. However, you can use home red light devices, but they might provide little results compared to professional clinical instruments

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