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Rebuild Rescue Scam: Is Gofundme A Funding Account? What Details Are Available On YouTube? Know Vital Facts Here!

This post clears the essential details on the charge of the Rebuild Rescue Scam. Get the inside knowledge for more clarity.

Are you active in exploring varied YouTube channels? What kind of content interests you a lot? Does rebuilding and refurbishing old planes excite you? If yes, you would have gone through a famous YouTube channel, Rebuild Rescue. 

This channel has gained immense popularity in the United States. But, many viewers are claiming some shocking news regarding the Rebuild Rescue ScamIs the scam real? We need to dig into this and get the appropriate knowledge. Let us read below and find the truth.


Disclaimer: We do not impulse any bulletins, nor are we loyal to them. The facts provided here are only for enlightening purposes. 

What is the scam charged on the Rebuild Rescue channel? 

Rebuild Rescue channel owner Jason Morrison was charged with scamming his audience recently. It is because, on his YouTube channel, he raised around $200K for refurbishing Cessna 401 aircraft. Many of his audience were shocked to know about this revenue from the common public. 

Some Reddit users started charging scam cases for abducting and luring people through his refurbishing planes, which are not easy to find.  

Jason acquired this money through the Rebuild Rescue Gofundme account. He claims he is rebuilding the abandoned aircraft with this money for a charitable reason. 

Many viewers do not believe this, and they label this claim a pure scam against the audience. Due to this, people want to explore the reality of this channel. 

Know about the Rebuild Rescue channel

Rebuild Rescue is the channel that was launched in 2016. Currently, the owner of the channel, Jason Morrison, rescues old and abandoned things to refurbish them into new ones. 

To date, the Rebuild Rescue YouTube channel has gained around 627K subscribers and 50,468,799 views with all their efforts. This channel is gaining popularity because the series started one year back. 

These series were regarding the refurbishing 1969 Cessna 401 A. He mentioned that he found this airplane abandoned on the runway. To refurbish this, he asked his viewers to fund him in his Gofundme account, which people labeled a Rebuild Rescue Scam.

About Rebuild Rescue Owner

The owner of Rebuild rescue is Jason Morrison. Get the personal details below.

  • Name: Jason Morrison
  • Date of Birth: Not known
  • Profession: American Youtuber
  • Marital status: Married
  • Wife: Not revealed
  • Children: Not revealed 
  • Nationality: American
  • Net worth: $1 million 

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Rebuild Rescue uploaded a series in which they refurbished an abandoned 1969 Cessna 401A aircraft. In this process, they ask their viewers to fund them in a Gofundme account. Viewers started accusing him has a scam by collecting money from the innocent public. 

What is your stand on this Scam? We are eager to know in the comments.

Rebuild Rescue Scam –FAQs

Q1. What is the scam about Rebuild Rescue?

Reddit users had charged the owner of Rebuild rescue for luring his audience to pay him for rebuilding the old aircraft. Users are furious and mention this YouTube channel as a fraud. 

Q2. Who is the owner of Rebuild rescue?

Jason Morrison

Q3. What was the name of the aircraft that he claimed to rebuild?

Cessna 401 A

Q4. How many years has Rebuild Rescue YouTube channel completed? 

6 years

Q5. What is Jason Morrison’s age? 

His exact age is not mentioned on any of the platforms. Though, he seems to be in his forties.

Q6. Who is there in the Jason Morrison family? 

Jason had not revealed anything about his family members. Viewers know that he is a married man with a single daughter.

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