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Rebooking Info 88 Scam: Check Rebooking Info 88 Reviews Here

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Rebooking Info 88 Scam to learn about how people are cheated under the brand name of EVRi.

Did you come across a text message from EVRi to collect your parcel? Did you hear the news about the latest scam under the banner of reputed cargo and freight company EVRi in the United Kingdom? Are you trying to check if the text message is genuine? Do you want to be aware of the plot of the EVRi scam?

We got all the answers for you, and we bring you interesting facts below about Rebooking Info 88 Scam.


About scam:

The scam is related to undelivered cargo from EVRi. Several similar scams featured in the past, including EVRi text message scams, EVRi email scams, and EVRi phishing scams. This time, it’s about EVRi’s undelivered parcel rescheduling scam.

There were many such scams even when EVRi was previously known as Hermes. But, EVRi scams gained intensity as it was re-branded in 2022. Due to its customer-centric goals, Hermes wanted to change its name and logo to make people aware that it is delivering for people.

Hence, it wanted its brand name to stress about every type of delivery it makes, as determined in Rebooking Info 88 Reviews. Hermes dealt with delivering cargo to different countries, different communities, different places, and different types of parcels. Therefore, the term EVRi is phonetically pronounced as Every. Taking advantage of the change in the brand name, scammers were in full-fledged action to loot people of Europe and the UK!

The reality of text messages from EVRi:

EVRi is a genuine cargo and freight company with a network of 18K+ couriers in the UK and Europe. It is popular for providing cheaper services compared to the Royal Mail. Its quotation suggested providing 25% discounts to its corporate clients, as ascertained during Rebooking Info 88 Reviews. However, the customer ratings of EVRi are poor. More than 3,785,083 customer reviews about EVRi rated it at 2.1/5-stars.

Most customer concerns were related to poor delivery service, missing parcels, delayed delivery, undelivered parcels, Etc. By now, you may have understood that EVRi was poor in timely service. This factor was taken undue advantage of by Scammers!

A text message started circulating, which stated that the customer’s parcel with a specific number was held back at the post office. To receive the parcel, the customer need to request delivery by visiting the website link mentioned in the Rebooking Info 88 Scam message. 

The SMS Started with the name of EVRi. It made customers think that someone had sent them a parcel. The content of the text message was – EVRl:: (Pxxxxxxxxx) is held back at our post office. Please schedule it to be re-shipped now via:

Information given by customers:

Customers reported receiving a text message for several numbers, including +44(735)945-7957, +44(735)945-7957, +44(735)945-7666, +44(735)945-8109, Etc. The news made a trend as a colossal number of customers searched for details of these numbers on the internet and found them related to Rebooking Info 88 Scam.

It needs to be noted that EVRi domestic and international cargo is traceable on its official website (links are provided in the below section). One can enter the EVR Reference Number and Postcode (or) Email to trace their packages. But, the scammers used the age-old plot to confuse the customers.

The tracking number provided in the text message was 10-digite long. But, the EVRi tracking number is 16-digite long. Hence, the tracking number from the text message scam was untraceable. But there are two positive sides by which the Rebooking Info 88 Scam can be detected:

If a customer receives a genuine text message from EVRi, he can check if the tracking number is 16-digite long. If so, he can track it on the EVRi website. If a parcel exists, he can opt for re-shipping. 

Secondly, if users cannot find the details of the 10-digit tracking number on the EVRi website, the message is a scam and a smishing attempt.

Plot of scam:

  • EVRi did not mention taking services of 
  • EVRi works with thousands of courier companies, all of which go with EVRi tracking numbers. 
  • EVRi did not authorize or endorse Rebooking Info 88 Scam website to take responsibility for its cargo delivery. 
  • No website links of thousands of its courier partners are shared by EVRi.

Amid the above facts, remained inaccessible! Its DNS address remains unresolved, and its IP is undetermined. It suggests that has a broken redirection link as such website is not yet registered. Further analysis of its URL suggests that it is an iFrame. An in-built frame refers to a website within a website. Hence, no website scores could be reviewed for

Social media links and relations:


A few websites or iFrames matched similar URLs or domains, including,, Etc. As no information about such websites is available online, it is important for users to understand about Smishing. Irrespective of the website links in the SMS, the user should avoid clicking on them, accessing such websites, or providing any details, PIIs, personal or payment details.

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Rebooking Info 88 Scam – FAQ

1Q. How did people know that link in a text message is related to

In addition to a clearly visible link in the message, the search with the sender’s phone number included results referencing

2Q. Was active in the past?

No, the search for registered information on yielded no results. No such domain matching the URL was registered.

3Q. Why is the text message considered a scam?

It must be understood that the text message included the name of EVRi and claimed that an EVRi parcel was held back, which is a plan of Rebooking Info 88 Scam. If the message had been genuine, searching for the sender’s ID should have given results for EVRi and its customer service. But it showed results for!

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