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Rdr Token (February 2022) How To Buy? Contract Address

Are you also looking for the details about Rdr Token and other important details? Then we are here to guide you throughout.

Are you also looking for details about cryptocurrency? If you get stuck in the middle due to different reasons, we will guide you about crypto and its essential factors. Everything in this writing is provided you with the view that you will get the correct details and trading style.

So let us get started to know about the Rdr Crypto, the details related to the price, statistics, buying process, and whatnot.

The coin is becoming popular in Brazil; let us know the details about Rdr Token to better look at it.

What is Rdr crypto?

Rdr is an abbreviation that stands for Rise of Defenders, and the crypto coin has gained popularity in Brazil and other countries as well. You can invest in the coin and trade in it through straightforward steps. The coin is based on the company gaining lead and popularity in the global games market.

The coin has a considerable market base currently; you can invest the coin through any official exchange like Uniswap, Hoo, museli Swap, Pancake swap, CSC, and many others. The Rdr Token is currently not available in circulating supply, but the maximum supply of the coin is available right now with 500,000,000 Rdr coins.

Who Leads The Crypto?

Details about the founders and leading team if the coin is unavailable even on the official website. So, we will have to wait for some more time to get more details.

Price Chart

Today’s coin price is $0.09782, which is 63.93% higher in the last 24hours, making it the right time to invest in the coin.

Statistical Details

These specific details about the Rdr Token will help you get better details and profound insight:

  • Price change-$0.0403
  • Price change percentage-55.23%
  • Trading volume-$22,007,149.52
  • Market dominance-0.4212
  • Value market cap-0.00%
  • Market rank-#2847
  • 24hours trading volume high- 0,9876%
  • 24hour trading volume low-$0.1368

There are more other statistics available in this crypto coin, and you can get more details about the coin through this post and get a better trading insight.

Where to procure?

To buy the coin from the coinbase exchange, you can follow this easy procedure and you will be able to trade in Rdr Token.

  • First of all, visit the official website of the exchange now creates an official account for yourself with the proper credentials.
  • Now verify the account with the proper documents.
  • Now connect your wallet directly to the coin.
  • At last, you can look for the coin in the search section and check the coin’s price.
  • Deposit the fiat money to the wallet, equal to the coin price.
  • Now, proceed with the payment.
  • The crypto is successfully bought, now you can freely invest and start trading in the coin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rdr Token

Q1. What is the official web link?

A1. The official web link is https://risedefenders.io/

Q2. What is the Contract address of the coin?

A2. The contract address is 0x92da433da84d58dfe2aade1943349e491cbd6820

Q3. What is the fully diluted market cap website?

A3. The fully diluted market cap is $52,246,214.0

The Final Words

As we have seen all the details about the crypto coin, we conclude that it is currently showing a great price graph, which makes it the right time to invest in the coin. You may get more details here about the coin.

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