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Rdog Token (March 2022) Chart, How To Buy? & Price

The guide shares details about Rdog Token to help investors make the right investment decision.

Dog lovers, especially Rottweiler fans, can respite now as a dedicated Crypto token has been launched, RDOG Token. It is the ticker symbol of the newly launched token Rottweiler Token. It is the ERC-20 token that is now available in the airdrop. 

There are other tokens with the same name, differentiated based on their ticket symbols. But, we are discussing Rottweiler Token with the ticker symbol RDOG. The token is available in Airdrop, and interested buyers can grab it quickly. 

Many Worldwide Rottweiler fans are eager to know the live market statistics of Rdog Token before investing. 

What is RDOG?

RDOG is the newly launched crypto token for dog lovers. The crypto token is available in an airdrop, and Worldwide investors can also purchase it from major exchanges. Interested investors and buyers of the dog token can claim their RDOG via airdrop and earn up to $360 out of it.

As per the official website, investors and holders of Rottweiler Token can earn rewards as BNB for each transaction. Therefore, it helps investors to make money by holding it longer. Besides, there are rewards for those who claim their token via Airdrop.  

But before investing, let us check the market statistics and Rdog Contract Address of the token.

Founders of Rottweiler Token!

After evaluating the official website, we have not found any details regarding the token’s CEO, founders, and core team. It is because the website lacks crucial information, and hence it is impossible to share the name of the founder, CEO, and members of the core team behind RDOG.

However, the website claims that the token will be listed soon on PanCakeSwap Exchange for each trading. After-sale, it will also be listed on Coinmarketcap.com. 

Rdog Token Market Statistics and Live Pricing!

As per the official website, 80% of the token is locked for liquidity, 5% for development, 10% for marketing, and 5% for CEX listings. Unfortunately, the market statistics are unavailable since the token is presently available on Airdrop. However, we found a couple of details that are shared below.

The live market value of RDOG is $1038.06. However, there is no data available on the token’s trading volume. Besides, the market capitalization of RDOG is $513 459 851, as per the poocoin.app. 

There is no data available on the maximum circulating supply of Rdog Token. However, the total circulating supply is 1 000 000 000 RDOG, and there are 200 000 000 RDOG available for pre-sale.    

How to Buy Rottweiler Token?

  • Login in your TRUST Wallet and load funds
  • Link the wallet to DApps and transfer the funds
  • Convert the funds for BNB
  • Copy the contract address (0xEe85C2145d01fbae8F8B97b5B5E8f2D4054956fD) and paste it on search bar to find the token
  • Choose Binance Smart Chain Network for transaction
  • After we know the Rdog Contract Address, Enter the amount of token you want to exchange for BNB
  • Click on the “Buy” option and connect the wallet 


Q1. What is the Official Site of RDOG?

A1. The official link of the RDOG is https://rottweilar.com/.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of RDOG?

A2. As per official website, the contract address is 0xEe85C2145d01fbae8F8B97b5B5E8f2D4054956fD.

Q3. What is the Supply Available for Airdrop?

A3. The official website claims to supply 200 000 000 RDOG Tokens for airdrop, and the same amount is also available for presale. 


Dog lovers can invest and contribute to the dogs’ welfare with Rdog Token. Presently, Rottweiler Token is only available for presale and on Airdrop. However, soon it will be listed on major exchanges for trading.  

The token holders are rewarded with BNB for every transaction they carry out using RDOG Token. But, you must not invest right away without checking the other Best Crypto to Invest in 2022 for higher profits.

Do you hold RDOG Crypto Token? Please share how many rewards you have earned out of it in the comment box. 

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